Does Commercial Insurance Cover Property?

There are hundreds of different types of insurance from policies that are geared toward protecting your car to those that protect your home. One common insurance type is commercial insurance; this is a type of business insurance that is used to help protect business owners. For those that live in the Huntington Beach, CA area, the agents with Western Republic Insurance Services can help you find the perfect commercial policy.

Commercial insurance is first and foremost put in place to protect the business itself. This can be a policy to protect the physical building, one to protect the assets of the owner, or one to protect the actual property within the business. Most commercial policies are going to cover the building itself and the contents or merchandise and other elements that are in the business. This is to help protect business owners if there is a fire or other similar disaster and merchandise is destroyed and does need to be replaced.

Commercial policies are also going to cover the furniture, electronics, and other items that are held within the building. This is similar to the contents clause in your homeowner’s policy. Commercial insurance is meant to protect every aspect of the business and to protect the business owner from loss and damage so that if something does happen, they can get back on their feet and start going again. Commercial insurance is put in place to help keep business owners from experiencing monumental loss that would inhibit their business and stop the continuation of the business.

For those that live in the Huntington Beach, CA area, the agents with Western Republic Insurance Services can help you find the perfect policy to protect your business and keep moving even if there is a disaster.

Traffic Violations That Can Affect Your Auto Insurance

Traffic violations not only cost you in fees and court costs but can also increase insurance premiums as well.  Most traffic violations will become part of your driver record which the insurance company will use to determine the risk of insuring you.  Being listed as a high-risk driver will raise your premium rates and sometimes even reduce your insurance options.  At Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA, we know the impact that traffic violations can cause.  Some of the traffic violations that can affect your insurance rates include:

  • Parking Tickets – While a few parking tickets will most likely not increase your rates, an excessive amount might catch your insurer’s attention.
  • Speeding Tickets – One speeding ticket may not affect your rates if you attend a defensive driving course as long as the number of miles over the posted speed is low.  Repeated speeding tickets or citations for excessive speed may cause a drastic spike in your rates as speeding plays a significant role in many traffic accidents.
  • Running Red Lights, Failure to Yield, and Improper Passing – These lesser infractions will not cost you as much in fees, but will result in a slight rise in your insurance premiums.  Insurance companies see failure to follow road signals as being a higher risk for an at-fault accident.
  • DUI or DWI – Both DUIs and DWIs are considered severe infractions on your driving record and may not only lead to significantly higher rates but may also result in your policy being canceled.  Once canceled your only options may be more expensive high-risk insurance policies.
  • Reckless Driving – A charge of reckless driving will result in a significant jump in your insurance rates if your insurance company chooses to continue your coverage.  This charge can also result in suspension of your license which will require high-risk insurance when it is time to reinstate.

No matter how big or small, traffic violations will impact your driving record and in turn your insurance premiums.  If you would like more information on how traffic violations can affect your car insurance rates, or need an auto insurance quote, contact Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA today.

Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Homeowner’s Insurance Rate?

When you are looking to purchase a new home insurance policy, you may do some research online to find out what factors affect the amount you will pay. As you research, you may come across information that states that your credit score will affect your home insurance rates, leaving you to wonder if this is true. Here is some information from Western Republic Insurance Services about credit scores and insurance rates.

Do Insurance Agencies Look at Your Credit Score When Determining Your Rate?

By law, insurance companies in the greater Huntington Beach, CA area can look at your credit score when determining what amount to charge you for any type of insurance policy, including auto, home, business and life insurance. However, this does not mean that every company will run your credit score or look at it when determining your rate. That is up to the insurance company.

Why Does Your Credit Score Impact Your Rate?

When you obtain an insurance policy, you typically make monthly payments on the insurance policy. If your credit score is low, it typically shows that you have a history of not paying your bills on time or at all. This is a liability for the insurance policy. They cannot simply cut off your policy if you fail to make a payment. They have to provide you notice they intend to terminate your policy and give you time to bring your account current. If something happens during this timeframe, they still have to provide you with coverage, even though it has not been paid for, which is a liability and the reason they may charge more if you have poor credit.

When it is time to buy a new homeowners insurance policy in the Huntington Beach, CA area, let Western Republic Insurance Services assist you. We look at many factors to determine a fair and reasonable price for your homeowners insurance policy. Give us a call today or come by our office to obtain a free price quote.

When Should Your Auto Insurance Be Updated?

Did you recently install new rims on your car? Did you spring for a brand new stereo system? Did you choose liability only for your car when you first bought it because it was the cheaper option? Western Republic Insurance Services doesn’t want the people of Huntington Beach, CA to be caught off guard if something happens that isn’t covered by their car insurance. Find out more about how it works, and when you should consider updating your policy. 

Increasing Your Value 

When you increase the value of your car, the cost of what needs to be insured also goes up. Instead of letting those investments be wasted if your car is either stolen or otherwise damaged, you can change your policy to reflect the new value of your car. For the most part, car’s will depreciate in value when driven off the lot, but additions can change that quickly (especially to the driver.) If something does happen, you can start getting everything back to normal that much faster when you have the right policy. 

Facing the Music 

The other reason to update your insurance policy is when you don’t have enough coverage to protect yourself against certain events. For example, most people don’t know what will happen if they’re in a hit and run accident. Many would assume that their cars would be covered, but that might not be the case. If someone hits you in Huntington Beach, CA or if you happen to cause an accident, Western Republic Insurance Services  wants you to be as prepared as possible. We’re ready to talk to you if you want an opinion about current coverage and whether or not it’s enough. Call us for more information to find out more about how we can help. 

Tips for Finding the Right Home Insurance Policy for You

There are so many different home insurance policies available. This can make finding the right one for you challenging. Here are a few tips that will help you hone in on the right insurance policy to fit your needs.

Find the Right Coverage Amount

When it comes to home insurance, the right coverage amount is extremely important. A great insurance agent has the ability to determine fair market value of your home and how much it will take to rebuild your home in the event of a catastrophic loss. Always ensure that the policy you are buying has the right coverage amount for your home.

The Deductible Amount

Another important tip for finding the right policy for you is to pay close attention to your deductible amount. If you have to file a claim, the deductible amount is the amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket. Some deductibles can be high, whereas others are low. Always weigh the pros and cons of a high or low deductible to help you determine which is ideal for you.

The Process of Filing a Claim

The last tip for finding the right policy for you is to actually ask an agent giving you a price quote how you would go about filing a claim and what happens after you file. If you are dealing with a national company, you may have to call in to a call center and sit and wait for someone to call you back and set up appointments. Many people find that dealing with a local agent helps the process go smooth and quickly. Always consider how a claim is handled when selecting an insurance company to use.

If you are looking to purchase a new home insurance policy in the Huntington Beach, CA area, contact Western Republic Insurance Services. Our agents are knowledgeable and helpful, helping to find you the perfect insurance policy. Call us now to get started.

Three Things Every Person Buying Home Insurance for the First Time Should Know

Once you have bought a home in Huntington Beach, CA it is time to take out a home insurance policy to protect your new investment. Here are three practical tips that can help you get the best possible deal without undue hassle or delay.

Know What Factors Affect the Cost

Insurance agencies take many factors into account when deciding how much to charge for home insurance. These factors include proximity to first responders, crime statistics for your neighborhood, exact geographic location, water pressure in your neighborhood, the cost of rebuilding your home from scratch and much more. Insurers may also want to know if you smoke as doing so increases the risk of fire in your new home.

Get Acquainted with the Options and the Terminology

There are a number of common home insurance policies. Get acquainted with each one to determine which policy is best for your new home. You will also want to familiarize yourself with insurance terms such as actual cash value, riders, escrow, deductible, replacement cost and sub-limits. You need to know what your policy means or you may face unexpected surprises down the line when claiming compensation for some form of damage.

Choose a Good Insurance Agency

Western Republic Insurance Services is based in Huntington Beach, CA and has a track record for providing top quality service and assistance. If you want to find out more about your home insurance options, get in touch by phone or email or use the website’s handy online quoting feature to estimate how much your home insurance policy may cost. Western Republic Insurance Services also offers other types of insurance besides home insurance, making it possible for you to easily obtain full coverage from a single source.


Why you need Insurance in Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach, California is one of any amazing coastal Southern California communities that gets a lot of sun and surf throughout the year. This is why it, among the surrounding areas, are so desired by so many people to live in. However, if you are one of the many who lives in or is planning on moving to Huntington Beach, CA, you will need to plan the cost of various types of insurance premiums into your overall budget, as they will be necessary for helping you live that California dreaming life you so desire.


While there is a train that goes to Huntington Beach from the larger communities of Long Beach and Los Angeles, you really can’t do much outside of the beach community without a vehicle. And that may be OK for a while—but at some point, you will need to get around on your own. So a car and subsequent auto insurance will be necessary, not only to drive legally in California but also to protect yourself, your vehicle and any passengers riding with you in the event of an accident. Check with a local company like Western Republic Insurance Services for the best rates available in the Huntington Beach, CA area.


If you are only renting in Huntington Beach, CA, which many people do, it’s a good idea to get renters insurance as well. This will protect your belongings from anyone breaking into your home and stealing things or a fire that might occur. Not that these things would happen, but it’s better to be safe then sorry.


Not only is this required by law in Huntington Beach, CA, but having homeowners insurance is critical in an area like Huntington Beach if you have a house. This is because there is a constant risk of an earthquake occurring in the Southern California area that could be devastating. 

What Does Home Insurance Really Cover?

Home insurance is something that every homeowner can benefit from and knowing what it covers can make a huge difference in what policy you choose. The agents at Western Republic Insurance Services in the Huntington Beach, CA area can help you find out just what your policy covers.

What Does Basic Home Insurance Cover?

Though all home insurance policies are going to cover a different monetary value as rebuilding each home is going to come with a different price tag, all policies cover some basic things. For starters, all policies are going to cover damage from fire, wind, ice, snow, and often from things like trees falling on the home and more. These are deemed acts of nature and are unavoidable.

Most homeowner policies are going to cover theft and break ins as well as the overall cost of replacing the contents of the home should they be damaged, destroyed, or otherwise need to be replaced. Your policy is also going to cover the medical costs of your guests should they become injured while on your property. If you have an aggressive dog breed you may need more insurance or if you have a home business you might also need more coverage.

Overall your basic policy is going to cover things that could happen any day of the week under normal circumstances. You can also purchase supplemental or extra coverage to help cover things like hurricane, flood and even earthquake. Most supplemental policies are going to cover things that are not common and that are not likely to happen every day.

For those that want to learn more about home insurance and what a basic policy is going to cover, the helpful agents at Western Republic Insurance Services in the Huntington Beach, CA area can help answer your questions.

Keeping Your Home Well Maintained Throughout the Fall Season

Fall is officially here.  While Huntington Beach, CA does not experience a “true” fall as other parts of the country do, there are a few notable weather changes.  For one, the temperatures begin to cool down this time of year.  With cooler temperatures, fall is a great time to schedule routine maintenance that ensures your home is well prepared for any season.  At Western Republic Insurance Services, we want our customers to be well-informed not only about their homeowner’s insurance but also how to protect their homes from potential issues that can be prevented. 

Roof and Gutter Maintenance

November is the beginning of the rainy season in Huntington Beach, CA.  Check your roof for missing shingles and make sure the flashing is in good shape to prevent potential leaks and water damage.  Clear debris from gutters and downspouts.  Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to many potential water damage issues including wood rot. 

Door and Window Maintenance

Check the seals around windows and doors to make sure that air is not leaking in the house.  Caulk windows and replace the weather stripping around the doors if necessary.   Now that the temperatures are cooling down, open shades and curtains to allow natural heat into the home.  Fall is also a great time to clean your windows.

Yard Maintenance

Cooler temperatures also mean it is a great time to get outside and work in the yard.  Add mulch to flower beds to keep your plants protected and trim tree branches to reduce chances of falling limbs during a heavy storm.  Make sure your home is properly graded so that water runs away from it rather than collecting at the foundation as pooling water can seep into your home.

At Western Republic Insurance Services, we believe that with regularly scheduled routine maintenance this fall and throughout the year, your southern California home will be ready for any season.  

Huntington Beach, CA: Should You Insure Your RV While It Is In Storage?

During the off season when your RV is not in use, it should still be insured. When a vehicle is put in storage,it is normally locked away with other large vehicles that are also not in use. If it is stored outside, exposure to the elements may cause various types of damage. Due to the reduced risk of potential damage, the cost of insuring an RV during the off season is a fraction of the cost of insurance during the camping season. Theft is often the most common risk an RV will face once it is placed in storage.

During the off season, the RV is normally insured for its base or replacement value. If there is still a loan in place, the insurance policy must be able to cover the remainder of the principle of the loan. Most lenders require an RV to be insured all year long if the loan to purchase it is still active. Once the loan on the RV has been repaid, the amount of coverage on the camper can be dramatically reduced to only cover repairs if it is damaged and not necessarily the replacement cost. 

Residents of Huntington Beach, CA, can contact the agents of Western Republic Insurance Services for information concerning insuring their RV or camper while it is in storage. While the RV is not in use, there is still a risk of damage. Fire, theft, vandalism and burglary are all possible outcomes that should be prepared for. Even in storage there are potential risks. Talking to an insurance agent will help you decide what type of policy will best serve your needs.