What You Need To Know When Owning An ATV For The First Time

The first time you own an ATV, you want to be cautious about how you drive it and what you do even when you’re not on the vehicle. Knowing a few things ahead of time can help to keep you safer and make sure that you are following all of the rules.

Choose an ATV that is comfortable for you based upon your age and your height area you may want to start with an automatic transmission ATV with an engine of 200cc to 400cc. as you get more comfortable driving one of these vehicles, you can always upgrade to something with a little bit more power.

Dress Appropriately

Whenever you take to the trails, be sure to dress appropriately. Long sleeve shirts and pants are always a good idea. You should also have a motorcycle helmet, goggles, gloves, and over the ankle boots. If you desire additional protection, explore knee guards and shin pads.


Take the time to practice, and you may also want to look at safety course that is offered near you.

Safeguard Your Vehicle

There are a few ways that you can safeguard your ATV. The first is to make sure that you take out an insurance policy on it. This way, if there is any kind of damage or theft, you can file a claim so that the insurance company pays for it instead of it coming out of your own pocket. The second is to make sure that you lock up your vehicle when it is not in use – either in the garage or a shed. If neither of these are available, invest in some heavy-duty chains.

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