How to Move Like a Pro

Moving feels like such an ordeal, but with a little planning and a few pro tips, it can be so much more manageable. These three easy ideas can help you save on cost, time and frustration when you pack for your next move.

Save Money on Boxes

When it comes to packing, you need those boxes. While it might feel to buy them in bulk from a packing or moving store, they can add up in price pretty quickly. It turns out, free boxes are widely available if you know where to look. Namely, grocery and book stores are constantly receiving shipments that come in all shapes and sizes. Talk to an employee or manager at one of these stores, and they will often be willing to let you collect your fill before they get broken down for recycling.

Pack a Suitcase

Typically, for the first couple of days in the new place, most of your belongings will still be packed. Plan for that by packing essentials in a suitcase or travel bag that is easy to access. The checklist is simple. Pack anything that you would need to take on a weekend trip away from home. That will make sure you have access to change of clothes, hygiene products and the other little things that help you keep it together over the course of a day.

Save Space With Smart Packing

You can fit more in a box or bag by being a little creative. Fragile items can be safely wrapped in cloths or linens that need to be packed anyways. Small items can fit inside more spacious things like empty shoes or cups. The only limit here is your imagination.

You can plan for a safe and easy move, but make sure you take care of the new home too. You can get everything you need to protect your house from Western Republic Insurance Services. Talk to an agent today to get the package you need.