California Umbrella Insurance

In a coastal state like California, having the right insurance is a major part of making sure you and your loved ones are safe from unexpected loss and harm. From earthquakes and hurricanes to renter’s concerns in that decked-out seaside condo, the appropriate policies may help you stay covered in the case of disaster. But what if the policies you already carry simply aren’t enough? How can you be sure that you’re covered when the worst comes to pass?

For many, staying on top of insurance can be a difficult task. To save money, people tend to go for the most basic policies at the most affordable premiums, never considering the gaps that may be left. Unfortunately, too many find out too late that their policy was insufficient to cover their damages, leaving them high and dry when dealing with the resulting bills, repairs, and replacements. Luckily, for those who have not yet seen disaster, there is still time to patch up those holes in coverage with umbrella insurance coverage.

Umbrella insurance coverage serves as a supplement to your already-existing insurance policies, helping you to make sure that all your needs are covered without breaking the bank on higher premiums for policies that may cover more than you’ll ever require. While standard insurance coverage often explicitly excludes certain elements, umbrella insurance may offer coverage for those exclusions, like injury, property damage, some types of lawsuits and certain personal liabilities. 

If you live in the Huntington Beach, CA area and are uncertain whether your current insurance policies are sufficient for your needs, you may want to contact Western Republic Insurance Services to discuss how umbrella insurance coverage could help extend your safety net.