Different Kinds of Commercial Insurance for Different Companies

There are so many different kinds of small business insurance, trying to find the right coverage for your own business may seem tricky at first. However, it doesn’t need to be. Simply knowing what kinds of coverage are available for different companies can help, and you can contact Western Republic Insurance Services for finding the best fit insurance with your Huntington Beach, CA company. 

Glass Facade

Does your business sport a good amount of glass? Perhaps you are in a busy location around town and want to protect the glass of your building. If so, glass insurance is right for you. Now, this isn’t business-type based, but instead, location and material based. 

Automobile Insurance

Do you have a vehicle fleet at your disposal? You don’t need to be a taxi driving service to need business auto insurance. It can be used to cover transportation, shipping, construction and other kinds of vehicles driven on a regular basis. 

Crime Insurance

This is a location-based insurance again over business-type insurance. Perhaps your company is located on the ground floor of a business park. Or maybe the area of town you are in has a higher than average crime rate. Whatever the reasoning, crime insurance gives you extra protection against theft and money robbery, to name a few. It also protects against riot damage. 

Tenant Insurance

Do you own a rental property? It doesn’t matter if it is commercial or residential, having tenant insurance covers you. Perhaps someone floods the property, causes a fire or does any number of damage to the building. You can collect their security deposit, kick them out, and try to go after them in court, but this in of itself becomes taxing and expensive. Tenant insurance helps protect you.