Huntington Beach, CA: Should You Insure Your RV While It Is In Storage?

During the off season when your RV is not in use, it should still be insured. When a vehicle is put in storage,it is normally locked away with other large vehicles that are also not in use. If it is stored outside, exposure to the elements may cause various types of damage. Due to the reduced risk of potential damage, the cost of insuring an RV during the off season is a fraction of the cost of insurance during the camping season. Theft is often the most common risk an RV will face once it is placed in storage.

During the off season, the RV is normally insured for its base or replacement value. If there is still a loan in place, the insurance policy must be able to cover the remainder of the principle of the loan. Most lenders require an RV to be insured all year long if the loan to purchase it is still active. Once the loan on the RV has been repaid, the amount of coverage on the camper can be dramatically reduced to only cover repairs if it is damaged and not necessarily the replacement cost. 

Residents of Huntington Beach, CA, can contact the agents of Western Republic Insurance Services for information concerning insuring their RV or camper while it is in storage. While the RV is not in use, there is still a risk of damage. Fire, theft, vandalism and burglary are all possible outcomes that should be prepared for. Even in storage there are potential risks. Talking to an insurance agent will help you decide what type of policy will best serve your needs.