3 Reasons Why You Cannot Do Business Sans Commercial Insurance In California

California is often recognized as the land of sunny skies and excellent weather all year long. The state, however, has a negative side when it comes to small businesses as California is one of the most challenging places for entrepreneurs to thrive because of the state’s high cost of living. You should not attempt to open a company in Huntington Beach, CA without some form of commercial insurance, as curated by Western Republic Insurance Services, and here’s why. 

1. California has an incredibly high cost of living
The average one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles costs nearly $2,000 per month to rent. For many in other parts of the country, $2,000 is the monthly mortgage on a beautiful house. You should expect to pay a substantial amount if you are planning to rent retail space as spots in Huntington Beach, CA can cost anywhere from $1,600 per month to well over $5,000 in rent. Location is everything in California, which means that you can expect to pay the maximum amount for a space near the beach. With all of that money invested in rent, it only makes sense also to purchase an indemnity policy that protects your company and its assets. 

2. Crime is up in California
Orange County still boasts of lower crime statistics than Los Angeles County. The region, however, still has its fair share of property crime, which totals around 20 percent of all offenses in the county. Overall, California’s crime rate is higher than the national rate, which places the state in the fifteenth place of most dangerous places to reside in the United States. 

3. Auto accidents are an everyday thing
If your company has a transportation service, then it is only a matter of time before your employees are involved in a car accident. The state of California requires all drivers to have auto assurance. You should make sure that you are protected by an indemnity plan that covers commercial vehicles. 

Western Republic Insurance Services can help you live out your dream of owning a business in Huntington Beach while having financial peace of mind. Contact us today for a quote!