Does my small business need business income insurance?

Having a small business in Huntington Beach, CA is rewarding and challenging. Your company is probably your biggest investment, and you spend most of your days thinking of how to make it better. 

At  Western Republic Insurance Services, you can get a variety of insurance policies that will protect your small business. Most of them seem obvious, like property insurance, liability and commercial auto insurance. But depending on your circumstances, it may be a good idea to further protect your business with an income loss policy. 

If it was possible to predict when disaster was about to strike, there wouldn’t be any point in insurance. The reason insurance is a viable industry is because it deals with calculated risks. 

Can your business handle a closure?

Most businesses have a difficult time when faced with an unexpected closure. It is impossible to bring in income when you’re closed, but that doesn’t mean the bills stop coming in. 

Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees and the available assets, it may cause your business great hardship to be closed even for a short time. 

What business income insurance covers

Your business could be closed because of a fire, natural disaster or other unexpected reason, such as illness, injury or even a cyberattack. Fixed expenses like rent, wages, and other necessary items can still be paid if you have a policy in place to replace your lost income. Income insurance is surprisingly affordable, too.

Don’t leave your Huntington Beach, CA business vulnerable to the unexpected. Contact Western Republic Insurance Services so that our friendly agents can help you decide how much income protection to get for your business.