Does homeowners insurance cover wildfires in California?

California is home for many private insurers who offer homeowners’ insurance cover for wildfire. Since the fire season happens year-round, it is imperative as a Californian to take a wildfire policy if you live in a high-risk landscape or terrain. Serving this great state, Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services provide you in this piece the necessary specifics to help you stay ahead of the plans.    

What do insurers consider a bush? 

Usually, your insurer will have to assess your topography or geographical location and home nearness to surrounding bush. Carriers define a bush as any live or dead thicket, dried grass, shrubs, trees, and vegetation not entirely well controlled near or on the low ground around your residence or property. This is because such bushes are highly likely to catch or fuel the spread of wildfires during the devastation. Hence, understand California wildfire cover contractual rules and regulations before grooming a garden near your house. Also, it is essential to clear out any flammable bush that might be around your property. 

Other aspects carriers look at 

Insurance companies might inspect the wind pattern data collected from your area. If there is a high tendency for wildfires to be blown in the direction of your home, your location could be marked as a top risk spot. Most insurers also look at up to 1,000 feet close vicinity to an abundant water supply and your home closeness to a fire hydrant.

Other contemplation includes nearness to a fire station, public protection classification, and sloppiness of area for the quick home accessibility. Would you like to have your home assessed as you comply for a wildfire cover? Talk to Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services today. Their certified professional insurance agents will see you through every step of the way. Our passion is to see you safely equipped for any future perils.