Getting insurance on a classic car

Classic cars are fun to have but when it comes to getting insurance, it can get complicated.  The book value will not reflect the real value or real replacement cost of the car. Depending on how attached the owner is to the car, the value could be very subjective.  It is better to have a special policy instead of just regular car insurance because of the value of the car itself. Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA can help you get the right insurance for your classic car.

In California, a car is considered a classic, or antique if it is 25 years old. The American Classic Car organization sets the classic age at 25 and the antique age at 50. There are also cases where there are rare or very unusual cars that insurance companies might give a special policy to even if not at the required age. If a car is 25 years old, the owner can get special tags in California. Insurance companies have a lot of leeway in deciding what is a classic car.

Things like liability, collision and comprehensive coverage are the same as for a regular car. The difference is in the value of the car itself. That value is negotiated between the owner and the insurance company.  On a regular car, there are more objective standards for determining value.

Normally these types of cars are not driven every day, and there may be mileage limitations set by the insurance agency. Usually, they are only to be driven to shows, to parades and special events.

Visit Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA, or check out their website, to find out more about how to insure your vehicle. It is also a good idea for current customers to make sure their policy is up to date, and the agency can help you with that as well.