3 ways to keep your home safe while away on vacation

Protecting your home comes naturally, particularly when you are away. For most residents in Huntington Beach, CA, simply purchasing a home insurance policy isn’t enough. With the vacation excitement on air, it is easy to forget the basic home protection hacks like locking all doors properly, switching off most electrical appliances, closing the taps and leaving the security lights on. Western Republic Insurance Services helps you keep your home safe in three ways while on vacation.

1. Always double check doors and windows if they are properly locked

The doors and windows are our primary security. They would probably be the first place a burglar will check. Leaving your door open also makes your home vulnerable to animals and elements. Check all entry points, especially the back doors and exterior windows. Repair them if broken and lock them before you leave.

2. Do not announce your absence.

There are so many ways of notifying your neighbors and thieves that you are not home. Darkness is one indication that the home is deserted. It allows burglars to sneak in undetected. Your mailbox can also tell that nobody is home when your mails pile up. You want to fix this before you leave by creating the illusion that you are home. Let your neighbor pick the letters for you or request a mail hold. Leave the lights on mainly in the main rooms and outside.

3. Get your home security systems ready

Nowadays, there are very many home security cameras and systems to help you monitor your home while at home or away. Most security systems have alarms to scare away intruders or get them arrested. You can happily watch your Huntington Beach, CA home from wherever you are.

A home is a valuable asset. Protecting it is everyone’s priority. Before getting ready for that trip, ensure that you have it well secured with adequate home insurance from Western Republic Insurance Services because we are here to ensure you are safe.