Does My Commercial Insurance Cover Shoplifting?

Losses due to shoplifting can be financially draining on a business. Most commercial insurance policies don’t cover shoplifting losses which means up to the business owner to make sure those types of losses are kept to a minimum. The agents of Western Republic Insurance Services can work with business owners in Huntington Beach, CA to make sure they understand what their commercial policies cover as well as how to protect themselves from shoplifting losses.

Shoplifting Is Preventable

Shoplifting is preventable. Teach your employees how to spot different tactics that professional shoplifters use. Train your employees to watch out for areas of your store that are especially vulnerable to shoplifters. This can include clothing, electronics, and jewelry departments. Know where your store’s vulnerable areas are and make sure to have someone walk through them often. 

Protect Yourself

One of the best ways to protect yourself from shoplifting is to install a security system that includes high-resolution video cameras. Being able to record a person who is shoplifting is extremely beneficial when trying to recover the merchandise or for pressing charges after the fact. Always keep a close eye on your inventory as well. Identify areas of the store where improvements can be made and take the necessary measures you need to prevent this type of loss.

Business owners in Huntington Beach, CA need to always be looking for ways to prevent loss. Shoplifting can cause devastating losses for any business. If you have questions about how to protect yourself or simply to have your commercial policy re-evaluated, call the agents of Western Republic Insurance Services today! They can help you enhance your security and minimize your losses.