Tips to Secure Your California Condo From Theft

Securing your condo is essential if you enjoy the contents inside and would like to keep them. For many residents living around Huntington Beach, CA, securing their condo is essential. At Western Republic Insurance Services, we want to keep you safe. Below are tips to keep in mind when you leave your condo and want to prevent a tragedy such as theft or vandalism from happening. 

Lock the door, silly

Seriously. Most condos only have one door into the home, and that door should stay locked for security purposes. Even if you are home inside the condo because theft can happen when you are home. While most thieves are deterred from entering your condo when you are home, there are a few that may take advantage of the situation. 

Are the windows secured? 

If you live on the first or second level of your condominium, it is critical to always keep your windows locked and secured. Burglars are able to take advantage of open windows and climb right in your condo if you are not careful, and the lower two levels are often the popular targets for this type of entry. 

Timer, anyone? 

Planning to be gone for an extended period from your condo? Take advantage of electronic timers that will turn on the television or radio in your home. This will give the idea that someone is home and most burglars will choose not to enter your home, protecting your belongings. 

Condo Insurance

Sometimes, thefts happen despite all the steps you put in place to protect your condo. Should you fall victim to one of these tragedies, a condo insurance policy from Western Republic Insurance Services is available for your assistance. If you live in or around Huntington Beach, CA, contact us today for more information.