What does renters insurance cover?

As a renter in the area Huntington Beach, CA, it is imperative to have a renters insurance policy in place. Not only is it essential to carry the policy, but it is critical to understand precisely what it covers so you can make a claim if needed. The agents at  Western Republic Insurance Services are happy to answer any questions you have on renters insurance and the various coverage options it offers to policyholders. 

Personal Property

One of the primary coverages provided under a renters insurance policy is coverage for your personal property in the event it is damaged by an event such as a fire or a robbery. It is essential to know exactly what your personal property is worth so you can make a claim. Take photos of your electronics and valuable items. If you have any expensive jewelry, check with your agent to make sure you have coverage. 


In addition to coverage for your property, a renters insurance policy will protect you if you are sued by a third party who is injured in your apartment. Liability coverage under the policy will also help pay your legal fees if you are taken to court. 

Medical payments

While some guests may want to sue you in the event they are injured in your home; many guests may only want money to cover their medical bills. Renters insurance will help pay the medical bills for their injuries, allowing you to avoid a lawsuit. 

Third-party property damage

In the event that you are at a friend’s house, and you are the cause of something breaking, your rental policy will help cover the cost to repair or replace the damaged item. 

Living expenses 

In the event you are forced to relocate from your home temporarily,  a renters policy will help you cover the additional housing expenses.

If you are interested in learning more about how renters insurance can cover you, reach out to an agent at Western Republic Insurance Services today. We proudly serve the Huntington Beach, CA area.