What kind of commercial insurance does a home-based business need?

Your home insurance doesn’t cover your home-based business. Your California business needs a commercial policy or an add-on to your home insurance, designed specifically for a home-based business.

At Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA, we want to help you choose the ideal coverage for your business. If you don’t hold meetings at your home or employ anyone to work there, you might think your home insurance covers your liability. This is not always the case.

Liability Coverage

Delivery people count as vendors or freight haulers, though. If one of them incurs an injury on your property while making a business delivery, this will account against you but could be covered under commercial coverage.

Business Property Coverage

A home policy only covers $2,500 of business property typically. A home-based business policy covers your business property in total. That means your business equipment gets covered, as well as your inventory.

Business Structure Coverage

A converted garage or workshop that you use for business purposes may only receive a specific amount of coverage because it is a detached structure used for business. Commercial coverage fully covers your business’ real property.

Covering Your Home-Based Business

You have two choices to adequately cover your home-based business policy – a separate commercial policy or a commercial endorsement of your home policy.

Contact Western Republic Insurance Services today to adequately cover your home-based business. We can help you obtain a separate commercial insurance policy or add an endorsement to your existing home policy. Either way, you’ll obtain full coverage for your home-based business. We’ll conduct a short interview with you to determine which option would better protect your company.