Can My Roommate and I Share a Renters Insurance Policy?

Many landlords in the Huntington Beach, CA area require their tenants to have renters insurance, and with good reason. These policies work to protect both landlords and tenants from having to pay out-of- for a variety of damages But what if you’re among the millions of Californians living with one or more roommates? Do you each have to have your own renter’s insurance policy, or can you share one?

The truth is that it depends on the situation, and at Western Republic Insurance Services we’ve seen it all. In some cases, it will be beneficial to share a policy with your roommate, while in others it will be a smarter decision to keep things separate. Here’s what you need to know:

A Renters Insurance Policy Does Not Automatically Cover Roommates

Just because one roommate already has a policy in place, it does not automatically cover the other people living in the home. Instead, the policy will only cover the people listed on it. So, the good news is that you certainly can share a policy with your roommate, as long as both of you are listed as policyholders. Some people decide to do this in the same way that they share utility costs. 

That said, it’s important to consider the fact that you and your roommate may not meet the same qualifications for a renters policy. By sharing your policy with your roommate, you are subjecting the policy to their credit and renting history in addition to your own. Furthermore, their actions as a tenant will also affect the policy while you are sharing it. 

Holding Separate Policies is Ideal for Most People

In most situations, it is recommended that you do not share a policy with your roommate. That said, it’s also perilous for one of you to go without coverage. So, the best solution is usually for each roommate to have their own renter’s insurance policy. It may not seem like the most cost-effective option upfront, but considering the risk involved with sharing, it can save you a ton down the road. 

If you’re in need of renters insurance in the Huntington Beach, CA area or have questions, the experts at Western Republic Insurance Services are here to help! 

Do I Need Life Insurance After I Retire

For most people, retirement is something they dream about for most of their working life. As time for retirement approaches, many questions arise, especially financial ones. As you consider adjustments to your expenditures,  you may be questioning the need for maintaining your life insurance after you retire. Before you make such an important decision, it is a good idea to talk to your insurance professional. At Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA our staff has the expertise to help with these life-changing decisions. 

The reason for purchasing life insurance in the first place is to provide for your family in the event of your passing away. When you reach retirement age it may be that you don’t have anyone who needs you to provide for them any longer. If however, you have a spouse or partner you need to consider if your passing will affect them financially. If they lose any source of income at your death. If they will, then perhaps you need to consider keeping at least some of your life insurance. Have you taken care of your final expenses? Do you have any outstanding debt? These are questions whose answer will affect whether or not life insurance is something that you will want to retain after you have retired. No one wants to be insurance poor so discussing all your options with an insurance professional is always advisable. 

Your need for life insurance after you retire is a very personal decision and every case is different. Talking to one of the team members at Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA can help you to come up with the right decision for you and your loved ones. Why not stop by the office or give them a call, they will sit down with you and look at all the important considerations involved. 

Condo Buying Tips for Prospective Buyers

Before buying a condo in Huntington Beach, CA, do your homework. Condo living comes with its shares of restrictions that may not fit your lifestyle. The following tips compiled by Western Republic Insurance Services can help you make wise decisions in purchasing a California condo and getting the most from your investment.

Condo Realtor

If you’re intent on buying a condo, work with a reputable realtor experienced in condo sales. Your condo realtor can provide valuable insight into condos for sale in your area and recommend condo developments that fit your particular lifestyle. An experienced realtor can also help with the paperwork to expedite your sale.  


Condo properties vary in the amenities they provide. When shopping for a condo, decide what amenities are important to you to narrow your search. These amenities could include a pool, gym, play area for kids or clubhouse. Location, cost, safety, and resale value are also priorities to consider before buying.

Condo Regulations/Association Fees

Condo developments generally have rules and regulations that all condo owners have to abide by. Before signing a contract, review these rules carefully to make sure you’re in agreement with them. You should also be aware of the association fees you’ll be paying and what they cover in the way of maintaining your property.

Condo Insurance

Condos generally come with a master insurance policy that covers the building and common areas. This policy doesn’t usually cover damage to individual units or their contents. By investing in condo insurance, you can protect the interior of your unit and personal belongings. You can incorporate condo insurance into your financial planning when considering the purchase of a new condo.  

For more information about condo buying or condo insurance coverage, call or visit us at Western Republic Insurance Services, Huntington Beach, CA.


What does renters insurance cover?

As a renter in the area Huntington Beach, CA, it is imperative to have a renters insurance policy in place. Not only is it essential to carry the policy, but it is critical to understand precisely what it covers so you can make a claim if needed. The agents at  Western Republic Insurance Services are happy to answer any questions you have on renters insurance and the various coverage options it offers to policyholders. 

Personal Property

One of the primary coverages provided under a renters insurance policy is coverage for your personal property in the event it is damaged by an event such as a fire or a robbery. It is essential to know exactly what your personal property is worth so you can make a claim. Take photos of your electronics and valuable items. If you have any expensive jewelry, check with your agent to make sure you have coverage. 


In addition to coverage for your property, a renters insurance policy will protect you if you are sued by a third party who is injured in your apartment. Liability coverage under the policy will also help pay your legal fees if you are taken to court. 

Medical payments

While some guests may want to sue you in the event they are injured in your home; many guests may only want money to cover their medical bills. Renters insurance will help pay the medical bills for their injuries, allowing you to avoid a lawsuit. 

Third-party property damage

In the event that you are at a friend’s house, and you are the cause of something breaking, your rental policy will help cover the cost to repair or replace the damaged item. 

Living expenses 

In the event you are forced to relocate from your home temporarily,  a renters policy will help you cover the additional housing expenses.

If you are interested in learning more about how renters insurance can cover you, reach out to an agent at Western Republic Insurance Services today. We proudly serve the Huntington Beach, CA area. 

Do I need life insurance is I’m not married?

Huntington Beach, CA is known as "Surf City USA" and is a great place to live. Not everyone who lives here is a surfer but certainly the young are a large presence. Life insurance is something that people generally don’t like to think about until they have to. The best to purchase life insurance is when you are young, less than 35 years old when the rates are lower. Whether you are married or not doesn’t matter. The team at Western Republic Insurance Services would love to talk to you about life insurance and all your other insurance needs. 

Life insurance is something that is a great addition to any financial plan whether you are married or single. Many people assume that life insurance is all about the beneficiaries of the policy but there is a lot more to life insurance than just the death benefit.  Depending on the type of insurance that you buy, the cash value will be accumulated and this money may come in handy when you want to place a down payment on a home. Other reasons you may want to purchase life insurance when you are not married

  • To pay for your final expenses
  • To pay off any debt that you may have
  • To pay for college if you have children
  • To leave a legacy 
  • To leave enough money to pay for any dependents you may have (such as aging parents)

Just because you are not married it does not mean that you don’t have children or dependants. 

Life insurance offers protection for your dependants in the event of your death. It also pays your just debts and final expenses. If you live in or near Huntington Beach, CA the experienced agents at Western Republic Insurance Service would love to talk to you about your life insurance needs. Stop by our office or give us a call and lets us discuss the best life insurance options for you. 

Tips to Secure Your California Condo From Theft

Securing your condo is essential if you enjoy the contents inside and would like to keep them. For many residents living around Huntington Beach, CA, securing their condo is essential. At Western Republic Insurance Services, we want to keep you safe. Below are tips to keep in mind when you leave your condo and want to prevent a tragedy such as theft or vandalism from happening. 

Lock the door, silly

Seriously. Most condos only have one door into the home, and that door should stay locked for security purposes. Even if you are home inside the condo because theft can happen when you are home. While most thieves are deterred from entering your condo when you are home, there are a few that may take advantage of the situation. 

Are the windows secured? 

If you live on the first or second level of your condominium, it is critical to always keep your windows locked and secured. Burglars are able to take advantage of open windows and climb right in your condo if you are not careful, and the lower two levels are often the popular targets for this type of entry. 

Timer, anyone? 

Planning to be gone for an extended period from your condo? Take advantage of electronic timers that will turn on the television or radio in your home. This will give the idea that someone is home and most burglars will choose not to enter your home, protecting your belongings. 

Condo Insurance

Sometimes, thefts happen despite all the steps you put in place to protect your condo. Should you fall victim to one of these tragedies, a condo insurance policy from Western Republic Insurance Services is available for your assistance. If you live in or around Huntington Beach, CA, contact us today for more information. 

Does Classic Car Insurance Cover Contents?

Classic car insurance is something that anyone who owns a classic car can benefit from greatly. This type of coverage does a great deal to help make sure you are going to be able to rebuild or replace your car if something happens. For those in the Huntington Beach, CA area, the agents with Western Republic Insurance Services can help you to get the best coverage for your classic car.

Your classic car policy is similar yet different from a typical car insurance policy. With a classic car policy, it is going to insure the value of the car indefinitely. The value is not going to go down as the car ages and you are going to be able insure that you are going to be able to rebuild or replace no matter what happens to your car. Classic car insurance does not usually cover the contents of your car to any extensive amount. It will cover things like possessions that you have in the car with you but the main purpose of classic car policy is to protect the car itself rather than worry about protecting what might be in the car.

This type of policy covers things like storm damage, accident damage, and damage that is associated with breaks in and that sort of thing. Classic car coverage is something that any classic car owner can benefit from greatly and that you can surely get a great deal of coverage for if you do have a classic car. For those in the Huntington Beach, CA area, the agents with Western Republic Insurance Services can help you to get the best coverage for your classic car and for any considerations that you might have regarding it and regarding protecting it from damage or harm.

Does My Commercial Insurance Cover Shoplifting?

Losses due to shoplifting can be financially draining on a business. Most commercial insurance policies don’t cover shoplifting losses which means up to the business owner to make sure those types of losses are kept to a minimum. The agents of Western Republic Insurance Services can work with business owners in Huntington Beach, CA to make sure they understand what their commercial policies cover as well as how to protect themselves from shoplifting losses.

Shoplifting Is Preventable

Shoplifting is preventable. Teach your employees how to spot different tactics that professional shoplifters use. Train your employees to watch out for areas of your store that are especially vulnerable to shoplifters. This can include clothing, electronics, and jewelry departments. Know where your store’s vulnerable areas are and make sure to have someone walk through them often. 

Protect Yourself

One of the best ways to protect yourself from shoplifting is to install a security system that includes high-resolution video cameras. Being able to record a person who is shoplifting is extremely beneficial when trying to recover the merchandise or for pressing charges after the fact. Always keep a close eye on your inventory as well. Identify areas of the store where improvements can be made and take the necessary measures you need to prevent this type of loss.

Business owners in Huntington Beach, CA need to always be looking for ways to prevent loss. Shoplifting can cause devastating losses for any business. If you have questions about how to protect yourself or simply to have your commercial policy re-evaluated, call the agents of Western Republic Insurance Services today! They can help you enhance your security and minimize your losses.

3 ways to keep your home safe while away on vacation

Protecting your home comes naturally, particularly when you are away. For most residents in Huntington Beach, CA, simply purchasing a home insurance policy isn’t enough. With the vacation excitement on air, it is easy to forget the basic home protection hacks like locking all doors properly, switching off most electrical appliances, closing the taps and leaving the security lights on. Western Republic Insurance Services helps you keep your home safe in three ways while on vacation.

1. Always double check doors and windows if they are properly locked

The doors and windows are our primary security. They would probably be the first place a burglar will check. Leaving your door open also makes your home vulnerable to animals and elements. Check all entry points, especially the back doors and exterior windows. Repair them if broken and lock them before you leave.

2. Do not announce your absence.

There are so many ways of notifying your neighbors and thieves that you are not home. Darkness is one indication that the home is deserted. It allows burglars to sneak in undetected. Your mailbox can also tell that nobody is home when your mails pile up. You want to fix this before you leave by creating the illusion that you are home. Let your neighbor pick the letters for you or request a mail hold. Leave the lights on mainly in the main rooms and outside.

3. Get your home security systems ready

Nowadays, there are very many home security cameras and systems to help you monitor your home while at home or away. Most security systems have alarms to scare away intruders or get them arrested. You can happily watch your Huntington Beach, CA home from wherever you are.

A home is a valuable asset. Protecting it is everyone’s priority. Before getting ready for that trip, ensure that you have it well secured with adequate home insurance from Western Republic Insurance Services because we are here to ensure you are safe.

Getting Your Car Prepped For Summer Road Trips: What Huntington Beach Drivers Need To Know

Ready to feel the wind in your hair as you cruise away from your Huntington Beach, CA home on a summer road trip? Before you set out on an adventure, it’s important to make sure that your car is prepared for summer. At Western Republic Insurance Services, we want you to get your car ready for summer drives so that you can enjoy all the fun that the warm months offer. Follow these tips to keep your road trip experience as smooth as the highway ahead. 

– Get a tune-up. Just like you get your car serviced in preparation for the winter months, it’s a smart idea to do the same for summer. Have a mechanic look over your car to advise you of any work that needs to be done before you hit the road. 

– Stash emergency supplies. Make sure you have everything you need in case your car overheats or breaks down, including flares, bottled water, blankets, nonperishable food items, and some cash. 

– Check your tire pressure. As temperatures rise, so does the pressure in your tires. Be sure that your tires aren’t overfilled to ensure that you don’t get stuck on the side of the road with a flat. 

Of course, no matter how well you prepare for a summer road trip, it’s important to expect the unexpected. At Western Republic Insurance Services, serving Huntington Beach, CA, we’re here to help you when things don’t go as planned. Call us or stop in to talk with one of our insurance agents about a car insurance policy that makes sense for your needs. Happy travels this summer!