What Are Classic Car Insurance Requirements?

Sometimes a car is more than just a vehicle. If you own a car in Huntington Beach, CA that you only drive on special occasions or show off at car shows, you may qualify for classic car insurance. Classic car insurance provides specialized unique perks and coverage explicitly catered to your classic car needs that traditional insurance doesn’t offer.  However, not all cars or drivers meet the requirements.

Eligibility for classic car insurance

Unlike traditional car insurance, classic car insurance is not designed for cars driven on an everyday basis like minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Instead, insurers require that classic cars be only used on special occasions and serve more as a collector’s item than a vehicle.

For a vehicle to qualify for classic car insurance, it must either be a modern muscle car, a uniquely modified vehicle, exotic or at least 25 years old. It must also be in good working condition with a securely closed parking spot such as a garage or other approved structure. Insurers will also make sure the classic car is not used for racing and will usually set a cap on how many miles per year it can be driven.

Driver eligibility for classic car insurance

To qualify for classic car insurance, drivers must also reach certain criteria that differs from traditional car insurance. Drivers must be at least 25 years of age with five to ten years of driving experience and a clean driving record. Drivers must also own another insured vehicle for daily commuting to ensure your classic car is not used every day.

If you’re in the Huntington Beach, CA, area, reach out to Western Republic Insurance Services to see if your car meets the requirements for classic car insurance.

Let’s Talk about Commercial Insurance Types

Commercial Insurance is essential when it comes to making sure your business is covered, but it can be complicated. Western Republic Insurance Services serving the Huntington Beach, CA area is available to discuss your commercial insurance options.

Commercial insurance has two main categories. These are property insurance and casualty insurance. Not all commercial insurance types may apply to you, but it is important to know what options are available.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is there to cover you if your property, such as your building or equipment, is destroyed or damaged by something that is on the insurer’s list of perils, like fire. The list of perils covered will be freely available when reading over the policy and should be reviewed carefully for any exclusions. Crime insurance falls under the category of property insurance and covers loss of property including stock as a result of theft. There are several further subcategories, such as business interruption insurance.

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance deals with liability, whether by omission or negligence by the business or a representative of the business. Common categories of casualty insurance include:

  • General Liability – usually a standard commercial liability policy and covers three areas – premises, and product liability, and completed operations liability.
  • Umbrella – this is coverage for excess liability that a standard policy will not cover or to cover gaps in the basic liability policy section.
  • Automobile – this coverage is similar to personal auto insurance depending on business operations.
  • Workmen’s Compensation – this is for the benefit of the employee if illness or injury is sustained in the workplace and is based on a no-fault system.

Don’t hesitate, contact Western Republic Insurance Services, serving the area of Huntington Beach, CA today, and make sure that your business is covered!

3 Reasons to Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance

While it’s a massive step in the right direction to insure your Huntington Beach, CA home, you need to do a little more work on your home insurance. Renewing your home insurance every year is vital, but it would be great if you updated your home insurance to ensure that it reflects your current needs. This way, you won’t be underpaying or overpaying your home insurance premiums.

Not sure when you should update your home insurance policy? Listen to what Western Republic Insurance Services has to say. 

Home renovations

When you revamp your kitchen or redesign your master bedroom, your home value increases. These renovations mean that if your home were to be rebuilt from scratch today, it would cost more than it would before renovations. 

For this reason, it would be great if you sit down with your insurance agent to review your home insurance policy. Otherwise, you will be paying reduced premiums, but you will incur out-of-pocket expenses to repair your home if a disaster strikes today. 

Home business

Days are gone when business had to be conducted in a brick-and-mortar office. Today, many homeowners are running their businesses from home. While this is perfect, there is a problem. Your standard home insurance won’t cover liabilities emanating from your business. As such, you need to update your current home insurance policy or purchase a separate commercial insurance plan. 

New features

Have you added a new home surveillance system? Or perhaps you have installed a swimming pool or trampoline? This is great for your home, but your insurer needs to know. These additions affect your coverage in various ways. 

A trampoline or swimming pool increases the risk of injuries, meaning you need to increase your liability coverage. On the other hand, a home security system could reduce your premiums.

Buy home insurance today!

Would you like more information on home insurance? Please contact Western Republic Insurance Services, serving Huntington Beach, CA, and its environs. Better yet, we can help you insure your home today. Contact us for an affordable quote.

What Should You Know About Auto Insurance?

The purpose of auto insurance is to protect you and your car should there be damage caused by a road accident, vandalism, or catastrophic loss. Car insurance is like a safety net that is all drivers are recommended to have. However, before purchasing a policy, there are certain things you should know about auto insurance. Western Republic Insurance Services serving clients in Huntington Beach, CA prepared a list of some of them: 

Types of Auto Insurance

There are three main types of car insurance, including the following:

  • Liability protection. Covering damages for injuries and property damage. 
  • Collision coverage. It covers damage to your car. 
  • Comprehensive coverage. It pays for the repair or replacement of your vehicle if it was damaged in an incident that is not a collision. 

The Price of Auto Insurance

There are certain factors that determine the cost of car insurance, including the following:

  • Gender, age, and marital status. According to statistics, young male drivers are more likely to get involved in a car accident. Therefore, for them, auto insurance will be more expensive
  • The area you live. If you live in an area with a high crime rate, you will have to pay more for the insurance. 
  • The credit score. Many insurance companies consider the credit score when calculating premiums. Drivers with a high credit score usually pay less for car insurance because statistically, they have fewer accidents. 

Using Your Vehicle For Business

If you decided to use your car for business purposes, you need to talk to your insurance company and get an "endorsement" to your current standard car insurance. 

If you are thinking of insuring your car in Huntington Beach, CA and are looking for a trustworthy insurance agency, Western Republic Insurance Services is ready to assist. We help our clients to find a perfect policy based on their unique needs and requirements. If you have any questions, you are welcome to give us a call at any time. 

What Does a Typical Renters Insurance Policy Cover?

A good renters insurance policy in Huntington Beach, CA, will provide much-needed peace of mind. It will help you to cover some of the expensive aspects that you cannot handle out-of-pocket. Here are some of the typical renters’ insurance coverage that you will get from Western Republic Insurance Services. 

Liability Expenses

When people visit your house, you don’t have control of what they are doing. Some of them might get injured by some items where you will be deemed at fault. The best solution to this problem is having renters insurance. It will help you with the necessary coverage, and you will not face some financial challenges. 

Personal Property Coverage

Renters insurance does not only cover the medical expenses of your visitors. It is also very helpful in situations where your properties have been destroyed or stolen. Most of the personal items are of high value. Replacing them can be a challenge. However, with renters insurance, replacing such items will be very easy. 

Extra Living Expenses

At some point, your resident might become uninhabitable. This means that you will need to stay in a hotel as your room is restored. All the extra living expenses that you will be experiencing will be handled by the renters’ insurance. 

Coverage of Properties when Traveling

As you travel, you might lose some items. Your house can also get broken, and some items can disappear without a trace. It is the responsibility of renters insurance to help protect such things. This will be catered for even when you’re moving to different parts of the world.

In Huntington Beach, CA, you will come across very many insurance companies offering renters insurance policies. You don’t have to buy from any insurance company that comes across. Always work with Western Republic Insurance Services, and you will get renters insurance that caters to your needs.

How Does RV Insurance Help You?

Good RV insurance in Huntington Beach, CA, will help you out in many different ways. The following advantages are all things that we at Western Republic Insurance Services can help you understand better.

What RV Insurance Covers

RV insurance is a lot like standard vehicle policies in what it will and will not cover. Let’s start by letting you know what will not cover. Anything that you do to the vehicle is something that will not be covered by RV insurance. So if you do a repair and make a mistake, your repairs are not paid for because they were something you did as an owner – thankfully, they usually don’t void your policy.

Your policies will also not cover any wear and tear on the vehicle that is considered standard or expected for its operation. For instance, repairs to an alternator after 100,000 miles are considered not covered because they occur as the vehicle operates. That said, there are many things that your RV policy will cover to keep you safe from loss. These issues include:

  • Theft – If your RV is stolen, your policy will pay to replace it for you.
  • Crashes – Your policy will help repair your vehicle in a crash.
  • Roadside Issues – When your RV breaks down, your policy will help.
  • Some Damages – Water, mold, and rodent damage are usually covered by insurance.
  • Uninsured Drivers – Damage caused by uninsured drivers is likely covered.

Make sure to check your policy to get a good idea of what extra coverage you may need to purchase to keep your RV fully protected.

Need Assistance?

If you’re still uncertain about your Huntington Beach, CA RV insurance policy and want to ensure you get good results, please contact us at Western Republic Insurance Services to learn more.

What is covered under Renters’ insurance policies

Regardless of where you rent your condominium in Huntington Beach, CA, it’s crucial to safeguard your possession in the event of theft and water damage backup. Renters’ insurance policy helps to protect what your landlord policy can not. We at Western Republic Insurance services provide renters insurance coverage that matches your lifestyle and budgetary allocation. Renters insurance is not mandatory in Huntington Beach CA in California, but some landlords may require it if you want to live in their building. As a Huntington Beach CA resident, it’s a prudent decision to at least procure some form of sufficient coverage as your landlord’s insurance policy will not protect your personal property if a calamity strikes unexpectedly.

Renter’s insurance policy assist in settling the cost of replacing your possession if it gets ravaged by the covered peril, such as burglary and fire. Get a Renters’ insurance quote today from our Western Republic Insurance Services offices situated in Huntington Beach, CA, and our reputable and knowledgeable staff will show you how easy and affordable it is to safeguard what you cherish most.

What is covered under Renters Insurance policies?

  •  Personal possessions’ policy: It covers your personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, and appliances against destruction from covered incertitude such as vandalism and, fire among others
  • Liability policy insurance: This type of policy safeguards you against potential lawsuits emanating from bodily injury or property damage if you are legally responsible.
  • Additional living expenses policy(ALE): If your apartment gets damaged by a covered calamity like smoke, fire, and explosions, it renders your apartment uninhabitable. This policy caters for hotel bills and food expenses while temporarily residing elsewhere.
  • Medical payments’ coverage: It helps to cater to medical or funeral expenses for anyone injured or succumb while on your premises.
  • Building additions and alterations: It pays for covered damages to betterment, alterations, fixtures, or installations you make in your condominium.

 No matter where you have put down roots in Huntington Beach, CA we have reliable renters’ option coverages to guard your space and possession against eventualities. Contact us at Western Republic Insurance Services for more detailed information about getting a suitable renters’ insurance policy for your house.

Reasons To Get Life Insurance

Most people do not even think about buying life insurance. However, in reality, it is one of the most important investments. The purpose of life insurance is to protect your beloved ones in case if you pass away. If you are thinking of getting life insurance but still have doubts about whether you need it or not, Western Republic Insurance Services serving Huntington Beach, CA has prepared a list of reasons why life insurance is a good idea. 

It Protects People You Love

Life insurance is about keeping promises and meeting responsibilities. When you consider getting life insurance, you should view your decision from your beloved ones’ point of view, not your own. Life insurance helps protect your family members and dependents from possible financial burdens and losses that they can face if you pass away prematurely. 

It Provides Money When It Is Needed Most

If you die and your life insurance policy is still valid, your beneficiaries will receive the death benefit immediately. Moreover, this money is generally not subject to income taxes. This means that if your policy is $300,000, your dependents will receive $300,000 in death benefit proceeds. 

It Pays Your Debts Out

Almost all Americans have debts, and the biggest one is usually a mortgage. There are also credit card debts, student loans, car loans, and others. If you have any of them, life insurance is a good decision because your beloved ones will be able to use the death benefits to pay your debts off. 

We Are Ready To Help You

Life insurance is not a luxury anymore – it is something that everyone needs. If you live in Huntington Beach, CA or any other surrounding town and you are thinking of getting insurance. Western Republic Insurance Services is ready to assist you and help you find a policy you and your family members need. Feel free to contact us today to discuss the options available and ask the questions you may have. 

Overlooked Condo Insurance Facts Revealed

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services offers the community multiple types of insurance coverage. We strive to simplify the process for our clients and help them find the insurance coverage they need. We have working relationships with multiple carriers throughout California.

Overlooked Condo Insurance Facts

Your Huntington Beach, CA condo is one of your most valuable possessions. Condo insurance allows you to protect your personal items if they are damaged or stolen. The policy gives you peace of mind if an unexpected accident happens. While you are researching policies, here are some condo insurance facts to remember.

Take inventory of your personal items inside of the condo. This gives you a reference point if a disaster happens. If you have luxury items such as furs, jewelry, or artwork inside of your condo, consider having these items appraised. That will give you a clear idea regarding the value of these items. If you have any items inside of your condo that help operate a business, you’ll have to add commercial coverage to protect you if those items are stolen or damaged.

Condo insurance will cover you if you have to look for temporary lodging elsewhere if your unit needs repairs due to an accidental fire or severe weather. You’ll also be covered if a natural disaster causes trouble to your antennas or dishes on the exterior of your condo.

You can add coverage to protect your unit if severe weather causes trees and shrubs to damage your property. You are also covered if any excess debris needs to be removed from your unit. If you plan to host a lot of events at your condo, add some umbrella coverage to avoid being held responsible if one of your guests causes damage.

Western Republic Insurance Services Will Help You Find Coverage  

Renters Insurance Myths California Residents Must Avoid While Researching Policies

Western Republic Insurance Services serves the Huntington Beach, CA community through offering residents multiple types of insurance coverage. We strive to offer our clients excellent customer service. We proudly serve as an independent insurance agency, which enables us to work with multiple carriers throughout California.

Renters Insurance Myths To Avoid

If you are staying in a rental property in Huntington Beach, CA, it is important that you protect your personal items inside of the unit. Renters insurance covers your personal items if they are stolen or damaged. The policy also covers you if you invite a guest over and they are injured on your property. While you research different policies, avoid these common renters insurance myths.

I Don’t Need Coverage Because I Don’t Have Any Valuables

This is a common misconception about insurance. Every item that you have holds some type of value. Renters insurance doesn’t just cover expensive or luxury items. Accidents can happen at any time. That’s why you should cover your items regardless of their price.

I Can Rely On My Landlord

This is also incorrect. Your landlord has a policy that likely covers the exterior of the entire unit. If a disaster arises and your personal items are destroyed, you will be fully responsible for replacing those items unless you have a renters insurance policy to lean on. This is also true if you have a roommate. They may have a policy, but it does not protect your personal items if they are damaged.

My Location Is Secure So I Don’t Need Coverage

Even if you stay in a secure area, unexpected circumstances can arise at any time. Renters insurance will cover you if your area is hit by unusually severe weather and your unit is damaged.

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