On The Hot Spot: What to Do If You Are Confronted with a Raging Roadster.

Californians are known for being laid back and avoiding stress. Though we house the city that has the worst traffic in the United States, (hint: starts with “The” and ends with “Angels” – but in Espanol), we have a separate traffic condition that we can do something about – Road Rage.  Someone cuts you off and you restrain yourself from yelling out of the window in anger. While you are doing the right thing by biting your tongue, the offender takes your grimace and clenched hands on the steering wheel as an affront. They slow down and manage to get behind you. Suddenly you realize they are following you. They are gesturing, shouting and signaling for you to pull over. Your adrenaline starts to pulse through your bloodstream, the light is yellow but you are beginning to see only red.


  • Never engage in the road rage, even peaceful gestures can be misconstrued if the offender is looking for a confrontation.
  • If you feel threatened call the police in a lawful manner. Don’t break the cell phone laws of your state. California law dictates that hand held cell phones are banned for use while driving, People under 18 cannot even use a hands-free cell phone while driving. You do not want to break the law while trying to avoid trouble.
  • Lawfully try to avoid being near the offender in the traffic circle. If you can get away clear, do so you don’t know what the offender may be capable of.
  • If the offender is following you, drive to a precinct.

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