Commercial insurance: Does it cover small businesses?

Starting a new business is everyone’s dream in today’s litigious society. However, whether you are starting a small business or a multi-billion enterprise, you have to pen down several essentials in order to have a profitable as well as a smooth running business. Among these requirements is commercial insurance.

If you have a business around Diamond Bar, CA, you must have noticed the primary role of insurance. Small business, unlike large businesses, does not have similar needs, that is why you have to visit us at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation to find the right insurance solutions for you.

What we evaluate:

  • The cash flow
  • Business size
  • Number of employees you have or intend to have
  • Your industry risks
  • The number of branches you have
  • Your future plans for the development and growth of the business
  • and many more

Simply put, commercial insurance contains more than one type of coverage designed to protect a business, the employees and the owner. Most business insurance in Diamond Bar, CA includes standard policies like liability, commercial auto insurance, crime, property, and other optional coverages. 

General liability: Injuries and property damage can vastly cost your business on judgments and legal fees. This coverage protects you against such expenses. 

Employment practices liability: If you have employees this coverage will shield your business from claims of harassment, discrimination, and other unlawful practices.

Workers compensation insurance: Apart from third-party injuries, your employees can also be at risk of getting injured at your business, and your business will be held responsible for these injuries. This coverage helps cover the costs.

Property insurance: This coverage is quite essential as it covers the physical structure of the business and everything inside it.

Insuring your business is a smart way of staying financially prepared. For this and more coverages visit Western Insurance Marketing Corporation today.