Is renters insurance required in California?

Renters in California may wonder if they are required to have renters insurance. Huntington Beach is a great location to have a rental. Home to the International Surfers Museum, it has some wonderful beaches and a great pier to enjoy.  At Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA, we are independent insurance agents and are able to provide quality service and attention to detail. We work for you, not for one insurance company and we can give you more choices. 

California does not require renters insurance. However, your landlord may require that you carry renters insurance. Make sure you read your lease before you sign it. If you think that your landlord has insurance that protects you, you are misinformed. The insurance they carry only protects their property, not yours. If your dwelling is damaged or destroyed, you could lose everything that you own. 
An inexpensive way to protect yourself is renters insurance. It offers coverage for your possessions, it provides liability protection and if your rental is made uninhabitable, it will help you to be able to afford to have a place to stay. Content insurance covers many different things. It will help replace your clothing, your furniture, your electronics, your jewelry, and more. It protects your items at home and also when you are traveling with them. Imagine having to replace everything that you own at one time out of your own pocket. A daunting thought. 
Liability insurance protects you from legal action against you from some who is injured at your rental or by a member of your family. It can cover a judgment against you and also for the legal assistance that you may need to defend yourself. 

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