Overlooked Condo Insurance Facts Revealed

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Overlooked Condo Insurance Facts

Your Huntington Beach, CA condo is one of your most valuable possessions. Condo insurance allows you to protect your personal items if they are damaged or stolen. The policy gives you peace of mind if an unexpected accident happens. While you are researching policies, here are some condo insurance facts to remember.

Take inventory of your personal items inside of the condo. This gives you a reference point if a disaster happens. If you have luxury items such as furs, jewelry, or artwork inside of your condo, consider having these items appraised. That will give you a clear idea regarding the value of these items. If you have any items inside of your condo that help operate a business, you’ll have to add commercial coverage to protect you if those items are stolen or damaged.

Condo insurance will cover you if you have to look for temporary lodging elsewhere if your unit needs repairs due to an accidental fire or severe weather. You’ll also be covered if a natural disaster causes trouble to your antennas or dishes on the exterior of your condo.

You can add coverage to protect your unit if severe weather causes trees and shrubs to damage your property. You are also covered if any excess debris needs to be removed from your unit. If you plan to host a lot of events at your condo, add some umbrella coverage to avoid being held responsible if one of your guests causes damage.

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