Commercial insurance: Does it cover small businesses?

Starting a new business is everyone’s dream in today’s litigious society. However, whether you are starting a small business or a multi-billion enterprise, you have to pen down several essentials in order to have a profitable as well as a smooth running business. Among these requirements is commercial insurance.

If you have a business around Diamond Bar, CA, you must have noticed the primary role of insurance. Small business, unlike large businesses, does not have similar needs, that is why you have to visit us at Western Insurance Marketing Corporation to find the right insurance solutions for you.

What we evaluate:

  • The cash flow
  • Business size
  • Number of employees you have or intend to have
  • Your industry risks
  • The number of branches you have
  • Your future plans for the development and growth of the business
  • and many more

Simply put, commercial insurance contains more than one type of coverage designed to protect a business, the employees and the owner. Most business insurance in Diamond Bar, CA includes standard policies like liability, commercial auto insurance, crime, property, and other optional coverages. 

General liability: Injuries and property damage can vastly cost your business on judgments and legal fees. This coverage protects you against such expenses. 

Employment practices liability: If you have employees this coverage will shield your business from claims of harassment, discrimination, and other unlawful practices.

Workers compensation insurance: Apart from third-party injuries, your employees can also be at risk of getting injured at your business, and your business will be held responsible for these injuries. This coverage helps cover the costs.

Property insurance: This coverage is quite essential as it covers the physical structure of the business and everything inside it.

Insuring your business is a smart way of staying financially prepared. For this and more coverages visit Western Insurance Marketing Corporation today.

Can Umbrella Insurance Protect Me if I Own More Than One Business or Have Multiple Locations?

Congratulations on your success! You worked hard. You started a business or invest in one. You built it up to either open new locations or invest in other businesses. You have adequate insurance coverage for all the regular stuff; however, you want to be sure you also have protection for many things that may are not specifically covered or maybe the coverage you have does not have large enough limits to cover any extraordinary and unexpected risk.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

It is always a good idea to discuss any changes in your business with your insurance agent at Western Republic Insurance Services, serving Huntington Beach, CA and other cities in the major metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Umbrella insurance is helpful to protect your total net worth. It can extend the policy limits of other insurance policies. It may also offer specialized coverage that other policies do not have.

For example, a business may have $1 million in product liability coverage and product liability is a covered risk in their umbrella insurance policy that has a $5 million limit. If there is a product liability claim that must be paid, which exceeds $1 million, the umbrella insurance will back the claim with an additional $5 million in coverage.

Protection for Special Risks

Special risks that umbrella insurance may help with are protected from liability caused by a terrorist attack, cyber security, defamation lawsuits, harassment in the workplace, and many more. Having umbrella insurance is a terrific idea and may be more cost-effective if you own more than one business and/or operate in more than one location. Ask your agent about the details.

When you work with your agent at Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA on an insurance review, your agent will help identify gaps in coverage. Gaps in insurance coverage are places where you may have risk exposure that you are not even aware of and there is an insurance solution to consider in order to better protect you and your business.

Call 888-467-1718 or use the convenient online contact form to make an appointment to discuss umbrella insurance coverage. Get an insurance review of your existing coverage and a quote for new insurance coverage.

How “recreational vehicle” is defined

The definition of "recreational vehicle" can be kind of broad. It essentially means any vehicle equipped with a bed that you can sleep in. No, this does not mean that your truck is legally an RV because you threw a mattress in the back, but it does include houseboats, travel trailers, vans decked out with living quarters and so on, as well as conventional motorhomes.

Not all of these vehicles make sense to cover on an RV policy with Western Republic Insurance Services. A houseboat, for instance, would be better covered by a boat policy specifically designed for the risks and liabilities involved in maritime travel.

Recreational vehicles do not necessarily include many vehicles that are, technically, recreational vehicles. A four-wheeler is more of a vehicle for recreation than it is for travel or work, but if it can’t fit a bed, then you probably won’t be covering it on an RV policy.

Anything that you plan on driving is going to require some kind of insurance policy to be on the road in Huntington Beach, CA, but it’s worth noting that travel trailers do not require liability coverage. It’s a good idea to insure them because you don’t want to replace a travel trailer out of pocket, but if it doesn’t have an engine in it, you generally won’t need liability protection. You can park an RV on your property and use it as a guest room without insurance, but you’ll need to renew your policy if you hope to take it on the road again.

"Recreational vehicle" is kind of a funny term. Many of us use motorhomes as our primary residence, while many vehicles we use for recreation are not covered. In any event, if you want to get covered and drive safe, get in touch with Western Republic Insurance Services and see what they can do for you.

A Guide to Renters Insurance

Renters insurance provides coverage to those who rent their home in Huntington Beach, CA. The landlord is responsible for the insurance for the structure itself, but is not responsible for the contents of the unit. This is where renters insurance comes in. If disaster strikes, the landlord’s insurance will help pay for repairs, but any possessions will have to be covered under a renters insurance policy.

Standard renters insurance will reimburse policyholders for the loss of belongings from 16 specified events. Some of these covered events include fire, windstorm, explosion, smoke, theft, or vandalism. Renters insurance will not cover any damage from floods or earthquakes, and if you want coverage for these events you will have to get a separate policy.

Besides protecting belongings, there are some other things that renters insurance covers. It provides some liability insurance if someone is injured in your home. Not only does it cover injuries, but it also covers damage that you and your family accidentally cause to others. It will cover both legal representation if there is a lawsuit and the damages that are awarded to the other party. In addition to liability, renters insurance will also cover additional living expenses if your home is destroyed in a disaster. This covers hotel bills, restaurant meals, and some other costs.

There are two types of policies that are typically offered. A replacement cost policy will pay for the actual cost to replace the items and doesn’t take into consideration any depreciation. Actual cash value policies will take into account depreciation, so you will receive less for your items. However, these policies are typically cheaper. An agent at Western Republic Insurance Services can help you determine which policy is right for you. You will also need additional coverage for any valuable possessions, such as jewelry.

Contact Western Republic Insurance Services, serving Huntington Beach, CA, to get a quote on renters insurance.

Life Insurance for Families With Over 10 Children

You are proud of your 10 children and are raising them in your favorite town, Huntington Beach, CA. However, you’re worried that you won’t have life insurance to protect them if you pass. Thankfully, we at Western Republic Insurance Services can provide coverage options for people in your situation.

Life Insurance Rates Vary Depending on Family Size

Thankfully, life insurance options are available for those with 10 or more children. But, as you can imagine, life insurance rates on a policy will vary depending on family size. The payouts will also be different if you have a large family. Lower individual payouts are common in this situation.

The individual policy for a large family won’t be any different in its language, though, then one for a smaller family. In fact, the only real difference is the amount you have to pay to get the policy and what it pays to each family member. This fact helps to streamline your coverage options.

Total Family Insurance May Save Money

Though you can always buy individual policies for yourself, your spouse, and your children, total-family coverage is often a wise choice. These comprehensive life insurance policies will kick into effect whenever anybody in your family passes away due to illness, injury, or other influences.

These types of policies may cost a bit more to purchase at first but typically provide a less-expensive alternative if you plan on insuring everyone in your family. Just as importantly, they provide a multitude of payout options that ensure your family is safe when someone passes.

Find the Right Policy for Your Needs

If you’re raising a very large family in Huntington Beach, CA who deserve high-quality life insurance coverage, please contact us at Western Republic Insurance Services to learn more. Our experts will find a policy that keeps you and your family safe from financial hardship.

AirBnB and Its Effects on Condo Insurance

If you own a condo in Huntington Beach, CA, you may want to occasionally rent it out with AirBnB while you’re not there. However, this could affect your condo insurance in a multitude of ways, so let us at Western Republic Insurance Services explain this situation to you.

Home Sharing Complicates Condo Insurance

AirBnB is, technically, a type of home sharing that may complicate your condo insurance policy. Temporary or one-time rentals are typically not frowned upon and may not affect your coverage if you use AirBnB occasionally or only use it once to get a little extra money.

However, if you regularly use AirBnB to generate income, your condo policy may not cover any damage caused by renters. At this point, you would need commercial insurance to protect your home because insurance providers consider this type of home sharing to be a business.

Some Facilities May Fight Against Home Sharing

Another problem your insurance might note when using AirBnB with your condo is how the condominium association reacts. Many of these groups do not allow AirBnB rentals or fight against them because they believe that they are unsafe or present a risk to others in the facility.

In some instances, your condo insurance policy may be affected because the association’s insurance policy does not cover people using AirBnB. Rather, it only covers people who own their condo, meaning that you could run into issues if your renter does damage to your home.

Protect Yourself From This Problem

If you find that your condo insurance is complicated by renting your Huntington Beach, CA with AirBnB, please contact us at Western Republic Insurance Services to learn more. Our professionals will work hard to identify the problem and will find a policy that works for you.

Getting insurance on a classic car

Classic cars are fun to have but when it comes to getting insurance, it can get complicated.  The book value will not reflect the real value or real replacement cost of the car. Depending on how attached the owner is to the car, the value could be very subjective.  It is better to have a special policy instead of just regular car insurance because of the value of the car itself. Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA can help you get the right insurance for your classic car.

In California, a car is considered a classic, or antique if it is 25 years old. The American Classic Car organization sets the classic age at 25 and the antique age at 50. There are also cases where there are rare or very unusual cars that insurance companies might give a special policy to even if not at the required age. If a car is 25 years old, the owner can get special tags in California. Insurance companies have a lot of leeway in deciding what is a classic car.

Things like liability, collision and comprehensive coverage are the same as for a regular car. The difference is in the value of the car itself. That value is negotiated between the owner and the insurance company.  On a regular car, there are more objective standards for determining value.

Normally these types of cars are not driven every day, and there may be mileage limitations set by the insurance agency. Usually, they are only to be driven to shows, to parades and special events.

Visit Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA, or check out their website, to find out more about how to insure your vehicle. It is also a good idea for current customers to make sure their policy is up to date, and the agency can help you with that as well.

Does homeowners insurance cover wildfires in California?

California is home for many private insurers who offer homeowners’ insurance cover for wildfire. Since the fire season happens year-round, it is imperative as a Californian to take a wildfire policy if you live in a high-risk landscape or terrain. Serving this great state, Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services provide you in this piece the necessary specifics to help you stay ahead of the plans.    

What do insurers consider a bush? 

Usually, your insurer will have to assess your topography or geographical location and home nearness to surrounding bush. Carriers define a bush as any live or dead thicket, dried grass, shrubs, trees, and vegetation not entirely well controlled near or on the low ground around your residence or property. This is because such bushes are highly likely to catch or fuel the spread of wildfires during the devastation. Hence, understand California wildfire cover contractual rules and regulations before grooming a garden near your house. Also, it is essential to clear out any flammable bush that might be around your property. 

Other aspects carriers look at 

Insurance companies might inspect the wind pattern data collected from your area. If there is a high tendency for wildfires to be blown in the direction of your home, your location could be marked as a top risk spot. Most insurers also look at up to 1,000 feet close vicinity to an abundant water supply and your home closeness to a fire hydrant.

Other contemplation includes nearness to a fire station, public protection classification, and sloppiness of area for the quick home accessibility. Would you like to have your home assessed as you comply for a wildfire cover? Talk to Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services today. Their certified professional insurance agents will see you through every step of the way. Our passion is to see you safely equipped for any future perils. 


Does my small business need business income insurance?

Having a small business in Huntington Beach, CA is rewarding and challenging. Your company is probably your biggest investment, and you spend most of your days thinking of how to make it better. 

At  Western Republic Insurance Services, you can get a variety of insurance policies that will protect your small business. Most of them seem obvious, like property insurance, liability and commercial auto insurance. But depending on your circumstances, it may be a good idea to further protect your business with an income loss policy. 

If it was possible to predict when disaster was about to strike, there wouldn’t be any point in insurance. The reason insurance is a viable industry is because it deals with calculated risks. 

Can your business handle a closure?

Most businesses have a difficult time when faced with an unexpected closure. It is impossible to bring in income when you’re closed, but that doesn’t mean the bills stop coming in. 

Depending on the size of your business, the number of employees and the available assets, it may cause your business great hardship to be closed even for a short time. 

What business income insurance covers

Your business could be closed because of a fire, natural disaster or other unexpected reason, such as illness, injury or even a cyberattack. Fixed expenses like rent, wages, and other necessary items can still be paid if you have a policy in place to replace your lost income. Income insurance is surprisingly affordable, too.

Don’t leave your Huntington Beach, CA business vulnerable to the unexpected. Contact Western Republic Insurance Services so that our friendly agents can help you decide how much income protection to get for your business. 

Who Is Responsible For Damages If Your Car Is Parked At An Apartment Complex?

In Huntington Beach, CA, residents who live in apartments must always be watchful of their vehicles to ensure they are parked safely and their designated spaces. At Western Republic Insurance Services, agents are well aware of the risks associated with parking in apartment parking lots and try to give their clients tips on how to keep their vehicles safe.


Living in a gated complex that requires some type of identification to gain access to the apartments may put some of the liability on the complex itself. This is especially true if the gate is broken. If your car is damaged while at your complex, a police report should be filed and the complex manager notified as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to find out if other cars were damaged during the same time period. 

Hit And Run

Damaged caused by a collision or a hit and run will be the responsibility of the other driver, especially if your vehicle is parked appropriately. While the apartment complex should be notified, there isn’t much they can do unless the person who hit your vehicle was also a resident. Once a police report has been filed, the police may be able to identify the other driver. Once that happens they can be held responsible for the damages to your vehicle.

If you have any questions about how your insurance handles certain types of accidents or damage, call Western Republic Insurance Services today and schedule an appointment. They are always available to help residents of Huntington Beach, CA find the answers they need.