Can You Lose Your Home If Your Homeowner’s Insurance Is Canceled?

If you own your home and don’t have a mortgage, there’s no legal requirement to have homeowner’s insurance.  While it’s a really bad idea to go without, you could decide to self-fund any damages or losses that occur. However, if you have a mortgage on your home, your financial institution will require you to have homeowner’s insurance. This is true in Huntington Beach, CA or anywhere you get a loan.  The lender is using the home’s value as collateral to protect their investment in case of a loss.

You May Be In Default

Depending on the language in your loan documents, if your insurance is canceled and you don’t replace it, or are unable to replace it, you may be in default.  That can lead your lender to start foreclosure proceedings and you would be at risk to lose your home if you can’t pay off your mortgage balance.

More likely, however, is that the lender will purchase insurance on your behalf to protect their collateral.  This is known as “forced placed insurance.”  Let this happen at your own peril, however.  The replacement insurance they purchase may be significantly higher – five times as high according to one recent study – and you’ll still be required to pay for it. Lenders have the right to use funds that are in your escrow account, which you will be required to fund, meaning your mortgage rates might go up significantly.

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Reasons For Cancelation

There are several reasons your policy may be canceled.  Here are the most common:

  • Physical changes or damage to your property
  • You fail to make timely payments
  • You let your policy lapse

In California, insurers are required to give you notice of cancellation at least 20 days before it goes into effect.  For non-renewal, insurers need to give you 45 days before the expiration date.  When a lapse in coverage happens, your lender will be notified.  They are likely to immediately purchase a new policy, which will likely cost you more and have less coverage.

We Can Help

If you have received a cancellation or non-renewal notice, don’t wait.  Contact the experts at Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA for help with your homeowner’s insurance and all of your insurance needs.

3 Reasons Why You Cannot Do Business Sans Commercial Insurance In California

California is often recognized as the land of sunny skies and excellent weather all year long. The state, however, has a negative side when it comes to small businesses as California is one of the most challenging places for entrepreneurs to thrive because of the state’s high cost of living. You should not attempt to open a company in Huntington Beach, CA without some form of commercial insurance, as curated by Western Republic Insurance Services, and here’s why. 

1. California has an incredibly high cost of living
The average one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles costs nearly $2,000 per month to rent. For many in other parts of the country, $2,000 is the monthly mortgage on a beautiful house. You should expect to pay a substantial amount if you are planning to rent retail space as spots in Huntington Beach, CA can cost anywhere from $1,600 per month to well over $5,000 in rent. Location is everything in California, which means that you can expect to pay the maximum amount for a space near the beach. With all of that money invested in rent, it only makes sense also to purchase an indemnity policy that protects your company and its assets. 

2. Crime is up in California
Orange County still boasts of lower crime statistics than Los Angeles County. The region, however, still has its fair share of property crime, which totals around 20 percent of all offenses in the county. Overall, California’s crime rate is higher than the national rate, which places the state in the fifteenth place of most dangerous places to reside in the United States. 

3. Auto accidents are an everyday thing
If your company has a transportation service, then it is only a matter of time before your employees are involved in a car accident. The state of California requires all drivers to have auto assurance. You should make sure that you are protected by an indemnity plan that covers commercial vehicles. 

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Why is RV Insurance Important?

Motorhomes and travel trailers are a common sight in and around Huntington Beach, CA. Californians are quite passionate about their RVs, investing a lot of time and money into their favorite recreational pastime. Western Republic Insurance Services wants to help you protect your investment with insurance specialized just for covering RVs. Here are just some of the reasons why RV insurance is important:

Staying Legal – All vehicles that are parked or operated in Huntington Beach, CA are legally required to have liability insurance. This includes motorhomes. Travel trailers are not considered independent vehicles, but the autos that tow these trailers are required to be insured. Travel trailers may cause the towing vehicle to have a higher level of liability depending on the size of the RV.

Liability – If you cause injury or damage property through the operation of your RV, a liability policy will cover the cost of healthcare and repairs of other people in an accident caused by you.

Collision – If you are the victim of an accident caused by someone else, the other person’s liability insurance may not cover your injuries or the damage your RV. A policy with collision protection can make up for this difference, minimizing the number of damages you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

Non-collision – If your RV is damaged for reasons other than on the road operation, this aspect of the policy can help pay for repair or replacement of damaged parts. Non-collision accidents can include the event of a fire or an act of vandalism or theft. 

When it comes to protecting your assets, your safety and peace of mind is our priority. Contact Western Republic Insurance Services today to learn more about the importance of RV insurance!

How Much Renter’s Insurance Is Enough?

If you are renting a home or an apartment, you should invest in renter’s insurance in the event of theft, fire, or other covered incidents. Don’t let your belonging go unprotected. With renter’s insurance you can replace your items and get back to normal in no time, but how much is enough?

Determining The Amount Of Coverage

When determining the amount of coverage you are going to need, you should first make a list of all of your valuables. It helps to also keep receipts for high dollar items such as jewelry, appliances, and artwork. Next, you want to get an approximate value for smaller appliances, clothing, and other items in the home. Once you tally your figures, you are going to round up to the next whole dollar amount of insurance available. Your insurance agent can help you with this, as well as help you determine what coverage is right for you.

Making A Claim

If there is a covered event, and you want to make a claim, you should immediately contact your insurance agent and bring a copy of your police report or other documentation. You should also have your receipts saved in another location to bring with you. It helps to store copies of your insurance paperwork and receipts in the cloud for easy access and to prevent loss. For more information about renter’s insurance and how to calculate how much you are going to need, you should call or stop by Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services.

Keep your valuables and belongings safe by choosing the right amount of renter’s insurance for your situations. The knowledgeable and friendly insurance agents at Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services can help you make the most informed choice.



3 Reasons to Travel the Roads with Proper RV Insurance

When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, one of the best things you can do is invest in an RV. From traveling the country in comfort to having an extra vehicle, an RV can bring many benefits to your family. What you need to realize, though, is that an RV, just like any other vehicle, needs to be covered by proper insurance. This is why it is so important that you invest in RV insurance coverage. For now, let’s take a quick look three reasons to travel the roads with proper RV insurance coverage. 

Peace of Mind

One of the top reasons to invest in RV insurance is that it will give you peace of mind when you are traveling across the country in your RV. If you were to get involved in an accident, you can move forward knowing your insurance company will properly handle the damages for you. 

Don’t Dip Into Your Own Pockets

Another reason to invest in RV insurance is that it allows you to have any damages to your RV fixed without having to dip into your own pocket. The only thing you will have to pay for is your deductible, and like auto insurance, you can choose for yourself the amount of your deductible. 

Required by Law

Depending on where you live and where you are traveling, it very well may be required by law that you keep insurance on your RV. If you don’t, you may have to pay a penalty. You should speak with a qualified insurance agent to see if RV insurance is a requirement where you live. 

To learn more about RV insurance, please contact Western Republic Insurance Services serving the Huntington Beach, CA area. 

5 Amazing Facts about Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an extra form of liability insurance with which you can insure your homes, boats, and automobiles. In case you have a liability claim that is not covered by your usual liability policy, an umbrella insurance policy will cover any liability claims within its limits. Some specific scenarios covered by umbrella insurance includes lawsuits, injury, and property damage. According to Western Republic Insurance services, there are five amazing facts about umbrella insurance. 

1. You can Lose Everything without It
There are many circumstances which can lead to very expensive lawsuits. Examples of these scenarios are when a branch from your tree falls and hits someone when you get into an accident and injure the other driver, and when a slips and falls dangerously in your yard. In all these scenarios, your typical auto or homeowners insurance will only cover you up to your liability limits meaning that you will have to pay the extra charges. With an umbrella insurance policy, the extra charges will be taken care of thus ensuring that your assets are not seized. 

2. Protects you from  Liability risks 
Your lifestyle can be ordinary and boring, but risks will be all around you. A dog can bite your guest; a kid can drown in your pool, you can accidentally hit a person with a car in your yard, and many other scenarios. After such occurrences, the liability claim can exceed your policy limits thus calling for extra coverage. An umbrella insurance coverage will protect you in these catastrophic scenarios ensuring that you remain stable financially. 

3. Umbrella Insurance is cheap
As per Western Republic Insurance services, umbrella insurance charge is approximately $250 per year which will guarantee you a million dollars of excess liability coverage. As such, you will be properly covered at a little-added cost.

4. You may need to juggle your coverage
To purchase an umbrella insurance policy, you will need to bundle up all your policies with one service provider to be eligible for policy discounts which will offset the extra costs of the umbrella policy. 

5. Umbrella Insurance will protect you against worst-case Scenarios
Your primary policy will only protect you from typical accidents and damages whereas the umbrella policy will protect you from disastrous events which can lead to serious financial repercussions.

To learn more check on Western Republic Insurance Services.

Ace in the hole: How umbrella insurance works

The understanding that many people have regarding umbrella insurance is that it’s basically a bundle deal: Covering your house, car, boat and business all in one go. It does cover your house, car, boat and business all in one go, but it’s not exactly bundled insurance.

The key difference is that bundled insurance provides your primary policy when you need to make a claim. You might make a dozen claims without dipping into your umbrella insurance, or you might need it on your very first claim. Umbrella insurance is an additional policy that you can lean on when your current policy does not cover the claim.

The alternative to an umbrella policy is to get extensive coverage on each individual policy that you hold. That’s fine if you don’t have too much to cover, but it can get pricey over two cars and an RV and a house and etcetera. With umbrella insurance, that extra money can go to any damages you might incur, you don’t have to move the money around and pick and choose and try to figure out where your risks lie. If you suffer damages that your primary policies will not cover, you can dip into the umbrella insurance and make a claim to cover anything that you need to cover.

Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA can help to connect you to an umbrella policy that helps to keep you covered no matter what comes your way. They say that insurance is something that’s better to have and not need than have and not need. That’s doubly true for umbrella coverage.


Will my HOA insurance cover my belongings from fire damage?

The short answer is, no. 

Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Insurance basically covers the outside shell of your unit. Outer walls, ceilings and common areas like hallways and lobbies are usually covered. If your condo has a shared gym or library accessible by all HOA members, it is likely covered as long as the HOA carries a fire rider.

What can I expect from condo insurance?

  • Liability coverage protects you if someone or something is harmed while in your unit. If you are held responsible, condo insurance can help pay for medical bills and repairs.
  • Choose a level of personal belonging protection, so you will receive current value if items are stolen or damaged. Check with Western Republic Insurance Services to determine if fire damage is covered.
  • Condo insurance should cover the interior structure wherever your HOA insurance leaves off. Many condo owners find out the hard way that interior walls, flooring, and countertops are not covered by most HOA policies.
  • Loss assessment coverage protects you if you are found responsible for damage to the exterior structure or common areas that would have normally been covered by the HOA policy.
  • Residents in the Huntington Beach, CA area are wise to choose a loss of use option. As long as the reason for a loss of use is covered, this option provides additional living expenses or fair rental value to keep a roof over your head until the condo is habitable again.

Western Republic Insurance Services would love to answer questions about condo insurance coverage. Give us a call to determine how specialized condo insurance in the Huntington Beach, CA area can help get you back on your feet after a fire.



Difference Between Condo Insurance And Homeowner’s Insurance In Huntington Beach, CA

If ever decided to get an insurance cover, then you’ve most likely heard terms like condo insurance and homeowner insurance. If you’re like most people out there, you may not know the difference between the two; you just want to protect your home. For residents in Huntington Beach, CA, this is what you need to know about the two insurance types.

At Western Republic Insurance Services, our job doesn’t stop at selling you insurance cover, but in keeping you informed as well.

The difference between the two insurance types is minor. They differ mainly in sections like dwelling coverage (how large a space they cover), additional structures, and loss assessment.

Dwelling Coverage

When you purchase a home, you’re getting both the interior and the surrounding exterior. Whereas with a condo, all that’s yours is what is inside the condo. The homeowners’ insurance policy covers to both the interior of the house and the exterior. While condo insurance only covers what is inside the, including the floor, ceilings, and walls.

Other Structures

Another difference between these two insurance plans is the structures they cover. Homeowners’ insurance policy covers structures like mailboxes, detached garages, lawn ornaments, and fences and so on. Condo insurance, on the other hand, doesn’t cover any structure.

Loss Assessment

With a condo insurance policy, you also get loss assessment coverage. This coverage protects you if the homeowner’s association decides to assess all units for uncovered cost because of cover claims. This is however absent in a homeowner insurance policy


If we’re talking about these two insurance policies, it’ll be incomplete if we don’t talk about the cost. Condo policies can go for as low as a third of the premium cost of a homeowner policy. The premium can, however, vary, depending on the size and the value of your property.

Do you reside in Huntington Beach, CA? Would you like some additional information on what you’ve learned so far? Then why not meet up with the helpful agents at Western Republic Insurance Services.


Why Riders Are Worth The Money On Home Insurance

When you purchase home insurance in Huntington Beach, CA, it’s important to look at the level of coverage that you get. Your policy will automatically provide you with coverage on your dwelling, your belongings, as well as liability coverage. However, there are riders that can be added to your policy – and they are well worth the money.

Fill in the Gaps

Your policy doesn’t include everything. Riders give you the opportunity to customize your policy. At Western Republic Insurance Services, we take the time to understand your individual needs and help you create a policy that provides you with a greater level of financial protection.

You can have protection against storms, high-value items, earth movement coverage, and much more. This way, if something happens to your home, you can file a claim confidently knowing that the insurance company will take care of the majority of expenses.

Maximize Protection

The whole reason you have home insurance is to have protection on your home. You don’t want to be denied a claim simply because you didn’t add a specific rider to your policy. The cost of adding riders is minimal in comparison to what it could cost you if something were to happen to your home.

By working with a professional insurance agent, you can learn which riders make the most sense for you to have. Additionally, it’s possible to get quotes from multiple insurance companies to get the most affordable policy possible for your home in Huntington Beach, CA.

When you are ready to learn more about home insurance and how various riders can offer you a greater level of financial protection, contact us at Western Republic Insurance Services for assistance. We will help you to find a policy that makes sense for you and your home.