How Often Should You Evaluate or Update Your Commercial Insurance Coverage?

Commercial insurance coverage is essential for protecting your business from unexpected catastrophes. However, it’s not enough to purchase commercial insurance and forget about it. You’ll also need to update your coverage periodically for optimum coverage.  If you are a business owner in Huntington Beach, CA, Western Republic Insurance Services can provide the coverage you need.

Situations That Require You to Evaluate Your Insurance

 Changes to your business will require you to update your insurance coverage. If you have purchased expensive equipment, inventory, or property, you will need to update your policy. If you have sold assets, you will also need to update your policy. If you are renovating a property, you may need to change your policy as well. 

If you have hired or terminated employees, you will need to evaluate your worker’s compensation insurance. 

If your liability risk has changed, you will also need to evaluate your policy. This includes changes to your business or property. If you are offering a new service that brings risk or open in a new area, you may need to increase your liability coverage. 

Periodic Review

Your business often undergoes changes that don’t seem that big but accumulate over time. If your inventory goes from 1,000 to 500,000 over the period of a few years, you aren’t likely to notice the change. Your business building may increase in value over time, leaving you with a higher value than your current coverage limits. These are a few examples of why you need to review your coverage periodically. 

Experts recommend reviewing your policy every 1-3 years. If your business is in its early stages, you should reevaluate at least every year, because new businesses experience changes at a faster rate than more mature businesses. 

If you need commercial insurance or you would like to evaluate your coverage in Huntington Beach, CA, contact us at Western Republic Insurance Services. Our agents will discuss your business and help you get the coverage you need for financial security. 

Is That Covered by my Home Insurance?

Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of the most important plans you have. Western Republic Insurance Services can help ensure you have the coverage that best fits your needs. Serving the Huntington Beach, CA area, the agents at Western Republic Insurance Services will take you through step by step what the policy will cover and how it can tie into your other insurance plans. Your home needs to be covered because who knows when an accident may occur?

Why do we need home insurance?

Appliances aren’t going to last forever. Some of them can cause pretty serious issues when they go out. A 50-gallon water heater that suddenly rusts through is going to take more than just a few towels to clean up. The damage to the drywall and surrounding carpets may require specialists to come in and repair. Plus there is the urgent problem of no longer having a functioning water heater. Home insurance will generally cover water damage, making repairs far more manageable. Speak with an agent to find out the specifics your plan covers to ensure you have the right coverage for your needs.

Imagine living on a sharp corner of a road. You know that eventually, a car is going to miscalculate the speed and fly right through your living room wall. Home insurance can help you cover this. Most people choose not to buy the house on the corner like that, but if you do, just make sure you’re covered. Home insurance is one of the most important pieces of insurance you can purchase. A home is a complicated, ever-evolving structure that will surprise you with issues when you are least prepared. Stop off at  Western Republic Insurance Services if you are around the Huntington Beach, CA area, and have their agents find a plan that meets your needs today.

which coverages should you focus on when buying an auto insurance for a teenager?

Did you know that your teenager’s auto insurance policy could cost you double what you pay for your own insurance? Well, insurance companies tend to hike insurance rates for new teenage drivers due to many obvious factors. If you are looking to buy insurance for your teenager in Huntington Beach, CA, you can always speak to insurance experts at Western Republic Insurance Services who can guide you on which coverages to buy.

So, which coverages should you focus on when buying insurance for your teenager?

Bodily injury and property damage liability

Teen drivers are usually assumed to be inexperienced. It’s easy to get themselves on the wrong side of the road and law. Overspeeding or driving under influence is also common for teenagers. Therefore, it would be a prudent idea to focus on liability coverage. Keep in mind that driving under influence or over speeding can land your teen into trouble with the law, especially when lawsuits emerge.

Personal injury protection

Personal injury protection is a great coverage to protect your teen and any other passenger in the car from physical harm in case of an accident. It can also cover lost wages if the teenager was working.


Collision coverage can help repair a damaged car due to collision with various objects like stones, trees, fence, poles, or another vehicle. This coverage can be useful for any teenager who is still new in the roads or teenagers who may drive while intoxicated.


Teenagers tend to move and party a lot, which may leave their cars exposed to thieves and other natural elements. This coverage will be an ideal top-up in case your teen’s car is stolen, vandalized, or destroyed by a storm.

If you still need help choosing the packages or the number of premiums, Western Republic Insurance Services is here to help. For more information, quotes, or queries, feel free to call us or visit us at our Huntington Beach, CA offices.

Umbrella insurance does it cover stolen items?

We all know that umbrella insurance or extra liability coverage is additional coverage to the standard policies like home, boat, car, and motorcycle insurance, but does it cover stolen items? In most cases, umbrella insurance provides extra liability to your underlying policies and not other losses. Therefore to answer our title question–Umbrella insurance does not cover stolen items unless there is a liability claim. If you live in Huntington Beach, CA, and the surrounding communities, Western Republic Insurance Services is here to take care of all your insurance needs.

What umbrella insurance can Cover

  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
  • bodily injury 
  • landlord liability

What is not covered

  • Personal belongings
  • business losses
  • Oral or written contracts
  • Intentional criminal acts

Who needs umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance can be beneficial to almost everyone because costly accidents can happen to anyone. The society today is too litigious to walk without coverage that can protect you against lawsuits. If you are a guest entertainer, and a person falls and gets injured in your pool or home, he or she may sue you for injuries.

If your home insurance coverage is not adequate to cover for the injuries and lawsuits, you may need to cough the rest from your pockets if you do not own umbrella insurance. It is the same case with car accidents and any business accident. Umbrella insurance also extends to other family members like your children, spouse, or relatives who live with you.

How much umbrella insurance do you need?

If you have made up your mind to buy umbrella insurance, which is a prudent financial strategy, the next step is figuring how much coverage you need. It is essential that you find this out on your own without involving an insurance company. This way, you will have an estimate of how much you need to buy.

At Western Republic Insurance Services, we recommend going through your assets to determine how much umbrella insurance is adequate for you. You can also visit our Huntington Beach, CA offices, and seek guidance from our insurance experts.

Is RV insurance necessary in California?

The state of California is an amazing place to live. There are a wide range of places to visit including the beach, mountains, the desert, and wine country. Due to this, being able to comfortably tour the state is a great way to enjoy your life there. To make it easy to get around, owning an RV in the Huntington Beach CA area could be a great option. When you do have an RV here, you are going to need to have RV insurance at all times.

Legal Requirement

One reason why you are going to need to have RV insurance is that it is a legal requirement. Similar to when you are driving any other type of vehicle in the state, it is important that you have the appropriate liability insurance in place when you are operating an RV. This liability insurance will provide you with coverage if you are involved in an accident when driving or if a guest is injured while relaxing in your RV when you are not on the road.

Protects Asset

An RV is a very valuable asset that could require a major investment to purchase it. Due to this, it is very important that you get the insurance that you need to protect it. With an RV insurance policy that has collision and comprehensive coverage, you will receive protection for your vehicle and all of your personal belongings inside of it. This will also be required if you have a loan out against the RV. 

When you are shopping for a new RV insurance policy in the Huntington Beach, CA area, you should call Western Republic Insurance Services. The team at Western Republic Insurance Services can provide you with great services that will help to protect you and your RV by getting you into a great policy. 

Can My Roommate and I Share a Renters Insurance Policy?

Many landlords in the Huntington Beach, CA area require their tenants to have renters insurance, and with good reason. These policies work to protect both landlords and tenants from having to pay out-of- for a variety of damages But what if you’re among the millions of Californians living with one or more roommates? Do you each have to have your own renter’s insurance policy, or can you share one?

The truth is that it depends on the situation, and at Western Republic Insurance Services we’ve seen it all. In some cases, it will be beneficial to share a policy with your roommate, while in others it will be a smarter decision to keep things separate. Here’s what you need to know:

A Renters Insurance Policy Does Not Automatically Cover Roommates

Just because one roommate already has a policy in place, it does not automatically cover the other people living in the home. Instead, the policy will only cover the people listed on it. So, the good news is that you certainly can share a policy with your roommate, as long as both of you are listed as policyholders. Some people decide to do this in the same way that they share utility costs. 

That said, it’s important to consider the fact that you and your roommate may not meet the same qualifications for a renters policy. By sharing your policy with your roommate, you are subjecting the policy to their credit and renting history in addition to your own. Furthermore, their actions as a tenant will also affect the policy while you are sharing it. 

Holding Separate Policies is Ideal for Most People

In most situations, it is recommended that you do not share a policy with your roommate. That said, it’s also perilous for one of you to go without coverage. So, the best solution is usually for each roommate to have their own renter’s insurance policy. It may not seem like the most cost-effective option upfront, but considering the risk involved with sharing, it can save you a ton down the road. 

If you’re in need of renters insurance in the Huntington Beach, CA area or have questions, the experts at Western Republic Insurance Services are here to help! 

Do I Need Life Insurance After I Retire

For most people, retirement is something they dream about for most of their working life. As time for retirement approaches, many questions arise, especially financial ones. As you consider adjustments to your expenditures,  you may be questioning the need for maintaining your life insurance after you retire. Before you make such an important decision, it is a good idea to talk to your insurance professional. At Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA our staff has the expertise to help with these life-changing decisions. 

The reason for purchasing life insurance in the first place is to provide for your family in the event of your passing away. When you reach retirement age it may be that you don’t have anyone who needs you to provide for them any longer. If however, you have a spouse or partner you need to consider if your passing will affect them financially. If they lose any source of income at your death. If they will, then perhaps you need to consider keeping at least some of your life insurance. Have you taken care of your final expenses? Do you have any outstanding debt? These are questions whose answer will affect whether or not life insurance is something that you will want to retain after you have retired. No one wants to be insurance poor so discussing all your options with an insurance professional is always advisable. 

Your need for life insurance after you retire is a very personal decision and every case is different. Talking to one of the team members at Western Republic Insurance Services in Huntington Beach, CA can help you to come up with the right decision for you and your loved ones. Why not stop by the office or give them a call, they will sit down with you and look at all the important considerations involved. 

Condo Buying Tips for Prospective Buyers

Before buying a condo in Huntington Beach, CA, do your homework. Condo living comes with its shares of restrictions that may not fit your lifestyle. The following tips compiled by Western Republic Insurance Services can help you make wise decisions in purchasing a California condo and getting the most from your investment.

Condo Realtor

If you’re intent on buying a condo, work with a reputable realtor experienced in condo sales. Your condo realtor can provide valuable insight into condos for sale in your area and recommend condo developments that fit your particular lifestyle. An experienced realtor can also help with the paperwork to expedite your sale.  


Condo properties vary in the amenities they provide. When shopping for a condo, decide what amenities are important to you to narrow your search. These amenities could include a pool, gym, play area for kids or clubhouse. Location, cost, safety, and resale value are also priorities to consider before buying.

Condo Regulations/Association Fees

Condo developments generally have rules and regulations that all condo owners have to abide by. Before signing a contract, review these rules carefully to make sure you’re in agreement with them. You should also be aware of the association fees you’ll be paying and what they cover in the way of maintaining your property.

Condo Insurance

Condos generally come with a master insurance policy that covers the building and common areas. This policy doesn’t usually cover damage to individual units or their contents. By investing in condo insurance, you can protect the interior of your unit and personal belongings. You can incorporate condo insurance into your financial planning when considering the purchase of a new condo.  

For more information about condo buying or condo insurance coverage, call or visit us at Western Republic Insurance Services, Huntington Beach, CA.


What does renters insurance cover?

As a renter in the area Huntington Beach, CA, it is imperative to have a renters insurance policy in place. Not only is it essential to carry the policy, but it is critical to understand precisely what it covers so you can make a claim if needed. The agents at  Western Republic Insurance Services are happy to answer any questions you have on renters insurance and the various coverage options it offers to policyholders. 

Personal Property

One of the primary coverages provided under a renters insurance policy is coverage for your personal property in the event it is damaged by an event such as a fire or a robbery. It is essential to know exactly what your personal property is worth so you can make a claim. Take photos of your electronics and valuable items. If you have any expensive jewelry, check with your agent to make sure you have coverage. 


In addition to coverage for your property, a renters insurance policy will protect you if you are sued by a third party who is injured in your apartment. Liability coverage under the policy will also help pay your legal fees if you are taken to court. 

Medical payments

While some guests may want to sue you in the event they are injured in your home; many guests may only want money to cover their medical bills. Renters insurance will help pay the medical bills for their injuries, allowing you to avoid a lawsuit. 

Third-party property damage

In the event that you are at a friend’s house, and you are the cause of something breaking, your rental policy will help cover the cost to repair or replace the damaged item. 

Living expenses 

In the event you are forced to relocate from your home temporarily,  a renters policy will help you cover the additional housing expenses.

If you are interested in learning more about how renters insurance can cover you, reach out to an agent at Western Republic Insurance Services today. We proudly serve the Huntington Beach, CA area. 

Do I need life insurance is I’m not married?

Huntington Beach, CA is known as "Surf City USA" and is a great place to live. Not everyone who lives here is a surfer but certainly the young are a large presence. Life insurance is something that people generally don’t like to think about until they have to. The best to purchase life insurance is when you are young, less than 35 years old when the rates are lower. Whether you are married or not doesn’t matter. The team at Western Republic Insurance Services would love to talk to you about life insurance and all your other insurance needs. 

Life insurance is something that is a great addition to any financial plan whether you are married or single. Many people assume that life insurance is all about the beneficiaries of the policy but there is a lot more to life insurance than just the death benefit.  Depending on the type of insurance that you buy, the cash value will be accumulated and this money may come in handy when you want to place a down payment on a home. Other reasons you may want to purchase life insurance when you are not married

  • To pay for your final expenses
  • To pay off any debt that you may have
  • To pay for college if you have children
  • To leave a legacy 
  • To leave enough money to pay for any dependents you may have (such as aging parents)

Just because you are not married it does not mean that you don’t have children or dependants. 

Life insurance offers protection for your dependants in the event of your death. It also pays your just debts and final expenses. If you live in or near Huntington Beach, CA the experienced agents at Western Republic Insurance Service would love to talk to you about your life insurance needs. Stop by our office or give us a call and lets us discuss the best life insurance options for you.