Restaurants and Umbrella Insurance Coverage

A bit of a problem was going around California for a while. A party would enter a restaurant, look at the surrounding, moving around a bit and then leave. Then, a few weeks later the restaurant business would get a letter demanding a legal settlement of $10,000 or the business would be sued for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act by not making the facility accessible to disabled patrons. Many restaurants paid the settlement to make it go away. Others then tried to seek insurance coverage for the claim and were denied because their policy didn’t coverage ambiguous ADA claims versus spelled out liabilities. This is where an umbrella insurance plan could help provide needed protection. Unlike specified liability plans, an umbrella plan provides an additional safety layer for a Huntington Beach, CA restaurant to deal with the "everything" else problems that appear in liability claims or to provide additional protection where an existing policy is not enough.

Restaurants are particularly susceptible to claims because they 1) hire multiple employees, 2) deal with a lot of people daily, and 3) have product liability for the food served. This multiple-risk situation makes a typical restaurant susceptible to far more claims than other businesses and industries. To understand what kind of exposure exists in the food serving business and how to get umbrella insurance protection, Huntington Beach, CA business owners in food service should really have a good discussion with the experts at Western Republic Insurance Services. Time and again, they have seen restaurants that could have been protected fold because they got hit with a miscellaneous claim that wasn’t anticipated by general liability coverage. Call Western Republic Insurance Services for more information today!