Staying Safe When Driving Overseas

Driving abroad carries with it certain restrictions and regulations that you may not be familiar with, however, one thing that does not change between driving in the U.S. and driving overseas is basic safety tips. Once you have researched and clarified specific driving regulations for the area you will be driving in, you should review this basic safety tips that apply overseas as well as in America.


It is necessary to have the appropriate auto insurance when you are driving overseas. Auto insurance is generally provided by the car rental company you will be using while overseas. However, in some countries the required coverage may be minimal. You should review the coverage being offered and make sure you are comfortable with it. If you are not comfortable with it, additional coverage can be purchased.

You should remember that your U.S. auto policy may not cover you abroad. You can speak with Western Republic Insurance Services to find out what types of overseas coverage they offer.


Always keep your passport and driving permits accessible in the event that you have a problem. When proper ID cannot be presented it can raise questions which will complicate your interactions with the authorities overseas.

General Safety

Just as in the U.S. it is important to always use proper safety restraints while driving abroad. If you are traveling with children, it is also important to also make sure that the child is properly restrained according to the laws in the area you will be traveling in.

Never pick up hitchhikers or strangers while driving. This is an unsafe practice no matter what area of the world you are traveling in.

Understand the driving laws in the region and drive slowly enough to give yourself reaction time if the driving regulations are very different from what you are accustomed to.

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