The types of Condo Insurance and what they mean in your life

The type of Condominium Insurance you get depends on the level of protection you want in case of a disaster. This decision will affect your investment’s future, and you must be informed to make a wise decision. Western Republic Insurance Services can help you choose according to your needs and your role in the ownership of your unit.

The types of Condominium Insurance you can get in the Huntington Beach, CA area are as follows.

  • Bare Walls Coverage – This covers the structural components of the unit plus an equal portion of all communal areas and structures within the complex. It does not cover any appliances and fixtures the owner puts inside the condo. These policies are owned by the Homeowner’s Association running the complex. Each unit owner pays a portion of this premium in their general condominium fees. 
  • All-Inclusive Coverage – Not only is the structure of the unit and the complex communal property covered, but also the appliances, fixtures, and any improvements the individual owner made. This would apply to someone listing a Condo for others to live in or stay in it themselves.
  • Personal Property Coverage – This is the coverage for your personal property to be well protected in case of a disaster. This would apply to someone renting the unit from the listed owner. It can also be an extension of the Inclusive Coverage if the owner lives in the unit.

Want more information on how these options will fit your lifestyle in Huntington Beach, CA? Don’t hesitate to connect with the helpful agents at Western Republic Insurance Services so they can help you make the right choice.