When Should Your Auto Insurance Be Updated?

Did you recently install new rims on your car? Did you spring for a brand new stereo system? Did you choose liability only for your car when you first bought it because it was the cheaper option? Western Republic Insurance Services doesn’t want the people of Huntington Beach, CA to be caught off guard if something happens that isn’t covered by their car insurance. Find out more about how it works, and when you should consider updating your policy. 

Increasing Your Value 

When you increase the value of your car, the cost of what needs to be insured also goes up. Instead of letting those investments be wasted if your car is either stolen or otherwise damaged, you can change your policy to reflect the new value of your car. For the most part, car’s will depreciate in value when driven off the lot, but additions can change that quickly (especially to the driver.) If something does happen, you can start getting everything back to normal that much faster when you have the right policy. 

Facing the Music 

The other reason to update your insurance policy is when you don’t have enough coverage to protect yourself against certain events. For example, most people don’t know what will happen if they’re in a hit and run accident. Many would assume that their cars would be covered, but that might not be the case. If someone hits you in Huntington Beach, CA or if you happen to cause an accident, Western Republic Insurance Services  wants you to be as prepared as possible. We’re ready to talk to you if you want an opinion about current coverage and whether or not it’s enough. Call us for more information to find out more about how we can help.