Who Is Responsible For Damages If Your Car Is Parked At An Apartment Complex?

In Huntington Beach, CA, residents who live in apartments must always be watchful of their vehicles to ensure they are parked safely and their designated spaces. At Western Republic Insurance Services, agents are well aware of the risks associated with parking in apartment parking lots and try to give their clients tips on how to keep their vehicles safe.


Living in a gated complex that requires some type of identification to gain access to the apartments may put some of the liability on the complex itself. This is especially true if the gate is broken. If your car is damaged while at your complex, a police report should be filed and the complex manager notified as soon as possible. It’s also a good idea to find out if other cars were damaged during the same time period. 

Hit And Run

Damaged caused by a collision or a hit and run will be the responsibility of the other driver, especially if your vehicle is parked appropriately. While the apartment complex should be notified, there isn’t much they can do unless the person who hit your vehicle was also a resident. Once a police report has been filed, the police may be able to identify the other driver. Once that happens they can be held responsible for the damages to your vehicle.

If you have any questions about how your insurance handles certain types of accidents or damage, call Western Republic Insurance Services today and schedule an appointment. They are always available to help residents of Huntington Beach, CA find the answers they need.